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The cast list for Plaza Theatre Company’s production of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL

Below is the Cast List for Plaza Theatre Company’s production of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL. We were overwhelmed by the level of talent at the audition and thank everyone who came and shared their talents with us. We are also thrilled with this stellar cast. The company for THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is: (double cast where noted)

Percy – David Cook

Marguerite – Meredith Browning, Christine Atwell

Chauvelin – Ben Philips

Marie – Bree Cockerell, Caroline Rivera

Ozzy – Jonathan Metting

Dewhurst – Luke Hunt

Farleigh – JaceSon Barrus

Elton – Aaron Siler

Hal – Jay Lewis

Armand – Joey Geisel

Mercier – Chris Seil

Coupeau – Devlin Pollock

Jessop – James Long

Tussaud – Solomon Abah

Prince of Wales / Robesierre / Soldier – Bob Beck

St. Cyr / Soldier – Mike Scarlett

Antionette / Abigail – Milette Siler

Genevieve / Catherine – Daron Cockerell

Jacqueline / Elizabeth – Tabitha Barrus

Monique / Emma – Jill Baker

Renee / Felicity – Monica Glenn

Odette / Jane – Tina Barrus, Betsy Wilson

Cupid / Soldier – Auston McIntosh

Soldier – Justin Olivas

Chorus – Sarah Scarlett, Cameron Barrus, Eden Barrus

All Shook Up sets records at PlazaCo

Since opening its doors in April of 2007, Plaza Theatre Company has experienced many wonderful successes during our first 35 productions. Many shows have been become instant hits at Plaza like Beauty and the Beast, Smoke on the Mountain, Steel Magnolias, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Singin’ in the Rain. All Shook Up has joined this list as one of Plaza’s most popular productions by selling out every performance!

Here are some photos from this exciting production:

Obviously we wish we had more seats at PlazaCo to accomodate all the demand (Plaza Producers estimate at least 2 more weekends of shows could have easily¬†been filled) but we’re thrilled with the success of All Shook Up and the hard work of a wonderful cast and crew. In addition, All Shook Up has been Plaza Academy’s 3rd annual Camp Show. Over 40 students are part of the All Shook Up ensemble. Thanks to a wonderful show, amazing¬†cast members and a terrific camp, the 35th show at Plaza Theatre Company will always be a memorable one for PlazaCo.