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Please join us at The Column Awards

Dear PlazaCo fans,

As you are no doubt aware, this next Monday, March 14th, is the 11th annual Column Awards. The evening is a celebration of local theatre with over 70 participating theater companies from around the Metroplex. There are also nearly 70 awards being presented that evening recognizing excellence in the area theater community as democratically voted on by subscribers to The Column by John Garcia. After receiving 10 Column Awards including Best Musical of the Year last year, Plaza Theatre Company has been honored with 41 nominations at this year’s ceremony. Additionally, the event serves as a major fundraiser for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS – an extremely worthy cause.

We are writing today to encourage you to attend this year’s event with us. We feel it is a wonderful commemoration of a year’s worth of excellent theater in our community and we are excited to support all of the nominees and awards recipients. And who knows, Plaza might be fortunate enough to hear it’s name called as a winner – if so, what an astonishing honor that would be.

More information about the event, as well as ticket ordering information is available by visiting here: http:///

We hope to see you on the 14th.

JaceSon, Tina, Aaron and Milette

Here’s Your Chance To Suggest A Show – Give Us Your Thoughts

As many of our Plaza fans know, we are well into “that’s a good show” season here at PlazaCo. This is the time of year when we’re finalizing our season for the following year in anticipation of announcing it at our annual THANK YOU PARTY which is being held here at PlazaCo on Tuesday, April 12th. Everyone who has taken part in a Plaza show during the past year will be invited to the event to celebrate Plaza’s 4th birthday and to enjoy special thank you festivities. One of the “perks” of the evening is that those in attendance will be the very first to see Plaza’s 2012 season unveiled, so we hope you’re saving the date for this year’s “thank you” celebration. Invitations will be sent very soon.

All of that said, we are still searching for a few shows to fill out our lineup. The show we are looking for has to be a non-musical, can be either a comedy or drama, and suitable for the type of theatre we like to produce at Plaza. And, for the record, being “family-friendly” doesn’t mean the show can’t be intellectually challenging. We’d love your input, so if you have a suggestion, simply reply to the comments in this post. Make your voice heard friends, we’re open to any and all ideas.

Thanks ~ JTAM

You’re invited to our “The Column Awards Nominations” watching party

Alright all you PlazaCo fans, the time has arrived for this year’s nominees for The Column Awards to be announced. As we did last year, we are holding a “Nominations Watching Party” at The Plaza as the nominations are unveiled. We have no idea if Plaza will receive any nominations, but it should be pretty dramatic finding out. Plaza was on the 1st ballot in 31 categories so it will be fun to see if any of our Production Staff / Performers / Technicians / Designers  make it through to the final round.

The live broadcast of the event will begin this Sunday, February 13th, at 2pm. We will be projecting the live broadcast onto 3 walls at The Plaza so it will be large and comfortable to watch. The theatre will provide light finger foods and cokes, but if you’d like something more, feel free to bring it with you for everyone to enjoy. We are also inviting our friends from Carnegie Players to attend with us as they too have numerous possibilities for nominations from the 1st ballot. Additionally, many of our local friends have the potential of being nominated for their work at other area venues, so it should be an exciting evening all around.

Please arrive at the theatre no later than 1:30 pm as the broadcast begins promptly at 2pm. We’ll socialize, eat, and enjoy the broadcast together.

Please come on out this Sunday afternoon for a unique afternoon at The Plaza.

PlazaCo ~ JTAM

A little change-of-pace today – How about a poll? We want to know what you think

As you may know, Plaza Producers Milette, Aaron, Tina and JaceSon always announce the next year’s season as part of the annual “Thank You Party”. The party is an annual event that honors the actors, volunteers, technicians, designers, directors and board members from the last year’s worth of shows. The event also marks Plaza’s annual “birthday”. This year’s Party, which will mark Plaza’s 4th birthday, will be held at PlazaCo on April 12th. And, as usual, we’ll be announcing the 2012 season to the folks in attendance first. As you can imagine, we are heavily in the throes of preparing this season announcement as well as working to secure the rights to the shows we select. We call this “that’s a good show” season. Our closest friends hate this time of year because, we confess, we like to tease about what we may select a little.

But today, we’re going to let our blog readers in on a little behind-the-scenes peak at this selection process. AND we’re going to solicit a little input from y’all. Specifically we’re looking at a few titles and we’re asking which of these you’d like to see us produce. So, here is today’s poll question: (NOTE – please choose 2. You may also list some we haven’t listed)

Plaza Academy Winter Session starts NEXT WEEK – still room for students

It’s a New Year y’all. And that means it’s time to get PLAZA ACADEMY rolling for another outstanding session of theatre instruction for aspiring young performers. Plaza Academy is Plaza Theatre Company’s youth educational program. The Academy offers a variety of theatrical disciplines available to youth ages 3 to 18. Classes include study in Creative Acting; Musical Theatre; Private Voice; Tap, Jazz and Ballet; Technical Theatre and Stage Combat as well as participation in Plaza’s exciting Stars Show Choir.

Classes are available for seven week courses during The Academy’s Winter ,Spring and Fall sessions and are available for a two week, intensive Camp during the Summer session. The classes are taught by experienced, talented instructors providing the young performers with many opportunities to expand their theatrical knowledge and expertise.

PLAZA ACADEMY is a great way for young performers to expand their theatrical knowledge and experience, whether they’ve been onstage before or they’re just starting out.

Classes available for the Winter 2011 session are as follows:

Little Performers

Age 3 – 7
Young children learn to be comfortable on stage through games and musical activities with this FUN 45 minute class.
Instructor :Tabitha Barrus

Creative Acting

Age: 8 – 12
Let your creative child roam free!
Instructor: Tina Barrus

Musical Theater

Age 8 – 14
Students learn basic stage movement and
performance skills while preparing a musical
review. Instructor Tabitha Barrus


Age: 11 – 18
While learning drama skills, students study and rehearse classic scenes.
Instructor: Tina Barrus

Vocal Performance

Age: 11 – 18
Students work on basic vocal skill in a group setting.
Instructor: G. Aaron Siler

Beginning Tap and Ballet

Age: 3 – 7
Students will learn the basics of tap and ballet through fun games.
Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 4pm – Creative Acting | 5pm- Drama
Wednesday: 4:00 – 4:45pm – Little Performers | 4:45 – 5:30pm – Beg. Tap & Ballet |

5:30 – 6:30pm – Music Theatre
Friday: 4pm – Vocal Performance


All classes culminate in a recital on Friday, March 11 at 5:30 pm.

Pricing is $100 per student per class with a $10 discount for second student or second class.

If you’re looking for a great time for your child or grandchild, consider sending them to PLAZA ACADEMY for our winter session. Call 817-202-0600 or come in to the Box Office between 10 am and 6pm to register today.

Making the case for a January show – MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES

So the holidays have come and gone. The gifts have all been unwrapped, the decorations have been stored for another year, and you’re about to settle into the “Post Christmas blahs”. You know what I mean, where it’s time to rest from all the hustle and bustle of the season. You can start your winter hibernation and not emerge from your house for social activities until the spring thaw (well, we are in Texas, so “thaw” may be a little inaccurate, but you get the idea).

Many arts organizations (not all, but many) choose to surrender to this kind of mentality. They’ll close their doors through January and much of February to avoid the inevitable after Christmas slowdown. Even on Broadway, many shows choose January as the time to close while the theatre retools for another production. It is an understandable approach to a challenging situation.

But here at Plaza Theatre Company, we like to think differently. Part of our commitment to the community is that we are open EVERY WEEKEND OF THE YEAR. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter there is always something fun going on here at PlazaCo. In the past, we have presented some wonderful January productions here at Plaza including FOREVER PLAID, SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL and WILL ROGERS FOLLIES. And while attendance for these shows hasn’t been horrible, they have never matched the attendance of our summer or holiday shows.

We get it. We know the holidays were busy, that your pocketbook was stretched and that you want a little rest. May we, however, offer a case for seeing a January show, if not here at Plaza, then somewhere.

Yes, the holidays were busy, but during all the rush, how much time did you take for yourself? Why not kick back and enjoy a couple hours of worry free laughter and enjoyment? Your mood will be lightened and “getting back to life” won’t seem like such a chore. So many times, as we greet patrons leaving the theatre after a show, they will offer their thanks and appreciation to us for providing year-round entertainment in Cleburne. It’s right here in your backyard y’all, and it’s a great way to get back in the swing of things for the New Year.

And we’ve got the perfect little comedy to cure those winter blues here at Plaza. A lighthearted Texas satire with a fun twist sure to raise your spirits. What’s more, MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES is the 40th production presented by Plaza Theatre Company since opening in April of 2007. Considering that Plaza was recently named the “Best Theatre Group” by the WFAA A-List, you know you’ll have a good time while kicking those winter blahs right in the teeth.

So make plans to see MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES before it closes January 29th. We think your New Year will be all the better for it. Happy 2011 y’all.

Best Regards,


A Note to PlazaCo fans about voting for this year’s Column Awards

First, may we say what a thrill it was for us at the 2009 Column Awards. Our little theatre had a wonderful evening and it was, in large part, due to your support and voting efforts. So thank you for your continued patronage and assistance.

Now let me get to the core of it – it’s about time to vote for this year’s Column Awards. So we’re sending this blog out today, in advance of the voting, to advise you of voting information, to encourage you to vote and attend the Gala event, and to be fair and honest as you vote for this year’s awards.

Please realize in advance that you can only vote for the Column Awards if you are a Column Subscriber and you signed up before December 3rd, 2010. If you are ineligible to vote this year, we still encourage you to attend the Column Awards Gala.

Here is the exact information relating to voting and voting dates as it appeared in today’s Column:


The following dates are in regards to the 2010 COLUMN Awards
voting for Rounds 1 and 2, and other very important dates you
need to know.:

VOTING PROCESS: There are two rounds in voting for the COLUMN
Awards. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING if you are not familiar with
the voting process:

Every participating theater company that submitted and date
entered their shows, casts, etc. into the system will appear
on what is called the “master ballot”.

ROUND 1: In this round you will see everyone listed on the
master ballot. In each category you are allowed to vote six
(6) times PER category.

Once Round 1 voting is closed and all ballots have been
tabulated electronically, the six individuals in EACH category
with the HIGHEST number of votes will OFFICIALLY become a
2010 COLUMN Award nominee in that category.

The names of these lucky individuals that did receive the
highest amount of votes will be announced as official COLUMN
Award nominees on the LIVE webcast ceremony!

ROUND 2: In this final round you will see a completely NEW
ballot that will ONLY show the names of the six individuals
who made it into the final round. You will be allowed to vote
ONE time per category. The winners are announced at the 2010
COLUMN Awards Gala!

WARNING!!: You MUST vote in ROUND 1 to be allowed to vote
in ROUND 2. We cannot stress that enough. It is not fair to
just vote for the winner in Round 2. The ballot system
will automatically kick you out if did NOT vote in Round 1.
NO exceptions!


January 3–14, 2011: Ballot Public Review. This is where the
GENERAL PUBLIC will have access to VIEW (not vote!) the 2010
COLUMN Award Master Ballot. This gives you the chance to see
where you have been listed on the ballot. This also gives
directors, actors, designers, etc. the opportunity to double
check on CORRECT NAME SPELLING. If you see a name misspelled,
or you or someone is listed in the wrong category, or you
are not listed on the ballot at all, and so on-you will be
able to contact the ballot design team to correct those
mistakes BEFORE official voting begins. Look in future
issues of THE COLUMN in regards to this!

January 3, 2011– First day to request voting code. You will
need a VOTING CODE to get into the master ballot. ONLY those
who are registered COLUMN subscribers BEFORE 12-7-10 are
allowed to vote. We will post where to get your code in a
future COLUMN issue.

January 24, 2011 – Round 1 Voting begins!

February 4, 2011 – Round 1 Voting Closes!

February 4, 2011 – Your last day to request a voting code!
Remember you MUST vote in Round 1 to be allowed to vote in
Round 2.

February 6, 2011 – Live webcast Nomination Ceremony! This
was a massive hit last year and we’ve brought it back! The
Board of directors will announce the official nominees on
a LIVE webcast! But better yet, come join us & be part of
the LIVE audience to scream, shout, and join in all the
excitement! Plus you just might be a nominee! We will be
taping LIVE reactions of the nominees present to get their
comments to post on our official website! Champagne toast
to follow after nominations announced. Location TBA.

February 14, 2011 – Round 2 Voting Opens! This is where you
will pick the ACTUAL WINNER!

February 25, 2011 – Round 2 Voting Closes. Winners announced
at gala!


So let me reiterate a few important items:

  • Please review your inclusion (if any) on the ballot to insure it’s accuracy during the Ballot Public Review dates. After those dates, the ballot is locked and can’t be changed.
  • Please be sure to request and keep your personal voting code. You will need this code to vote in round one and round two.
  • Please realize that you must vote in round one to be eligible to vote in round two. Pay close attention to the voting dates as they are very strict on when your vote can be accepted. Round one of the voting includes EVERY nominee that each theatre has submitted. Round two features the 6 finalists – the actual nominees in every category.
  • Please vote for those you think are most deserving – if that’s for PlazaCo productions or performers, great. If it’s for a different yet worthy production or performance, also great. You do not have to vote for PlazaCo shows simply because you know us.
  • Please do not consider cheating in any way. You, personally, should only have one voting code and you should only go through the process of voting once. To act otherwise is unfair and demeans the process. We are honored when our work is recognized, but only when it is achieved fairly.

In conclusion, whether you are eligible to vote or not, please consider joining us as we attend this year’s Gala. The proceeds support a magnificent cause and the opportunity to join with the other artists of our local theatrical community in an evening celebrating our collective craft is very special.

God Bless,

JTAM (JaceSon, Tina, Aaron, Milette)