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2014 Season Ticket Launch – Plaza Theatre Company


Announcing Plaza Theatre Company’s 2014 Season Ticket Launch

Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce it’s 2014 Season Ticket Launch. Beginning at 10am tomorrow, September 2nd, current 2013 Season Ticket holders are eligible to renew their Season Tickets. Those who have not been Season Ticket holders in 2013 can buy Season Tickets for the 2014 Season starting October 1st. This gives current Season Ticket holders a month of priority to renew before seats are available to the General Public.
By now current Season Ticket holders should have received a renewal letter in the mail. Renewing is extremely EASY. Here’s how:


— You can renew either by calling the Box Office at 817-202-0600 or by visiting and clicking ‘2014 Season Tickets’.


— If you wish to choose specific seats and dates when you renew your Season Tickets, simply fill out the form you received in the mail and either return it to the Box Office by mail or bring it to the Box Office during business hours. We will process renewals in the order we receive them and NEVER in person.

If you feel you must choose specific seats, please offer flexibility on dates. For example, offer us a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of dates you desire. Alternately, if you must have certain dates, please be flexible in the seats you will accept. Again, offer us a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of seating areas.

PLEASE NOTE: During the month of September we will only process Season Ticket renewals using the Season Ticket renewal form. We cannot process your form over the phone or in person. After we process your form we will mail you a detailed receipt with your dates and seating assignments.


  • OUR BEST TICKET PRICE — A 20% discount over regular ticket prices. Owning a Season Ticket amounts to seeing two shows for FREE.
  • FIRST PRIORITY SEATING — The ability to reserve seats and dates in advance of the general public.
  • FREE EXCHANGES — The ability to exchange dates when 24 hours notice is given.
  • A FULL YEAR OF ENTERTAINMENT — 10 guaranteed evenings of quality family entertainment.


We have planned a season of thrills, chills and laughs at PlazaCo in 2014. Here’s what your Season Ticket gets you:

CASH ON DELIVERY – December 31st thru January 25th

cash-on-delivery-web-logo    A con artist has been duping the Government for years by claiming every type of benefit for fictitious people. When welfare investigators show up, he has to do some very quick thinking to bring these made up people to life. Fast paced British farce at it’s very finest.
THE KING AND I – January 31st thru March 8th

King-and-I-web      Anna arrives at the Royal Palace in Siam having been summoned by the King to serve as a tutor. While seeking Anna’s assistance in changing his image and his ways, the King grows to understand and, eventually, respect Anna in a truly unique and moving love story.
KISS ME KATE – March 14th thru April 12th

Kiss-Me-Kate-web    An ex-husband and wife team are reunited to star in a musical version of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”, but off-stage the production is rife with ex-lovers’ quarrels and gangsters looking for kickbacks. Merriment abounds in this most classic of Broadway musicals.

ENCHANTED APRIL – April 18th thru May 10th

Enchanted-April-web    When two frustrated London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday, they recruit two very different English women to share the cost and the experience. There, among the blossoms and sunshine, all four flourish again in ways each never expected.

CAMELOT – May 16th thru June 14th

Camelot-web    Guinevere, King Arthur’s lovely wife, encourages him to establish the Knights of the Round Table. As the Knights grow in fame, Lancelot becomes the most celebrated, but rumors begin to circulate about he and Guinevere. A time-honored tale of love, forgiveness and dignity.
STEEL MAGNOLIAS – June 20th thru July 19th

SM-logo    Steel Magnolias serves up a slice of life in Louisiana that’s as warm and comforting as sweet potato pie. In the haven of Truvy’s beauty salon, six very different women come together to share their secrets and bare their souls, throwing in a little neighborly gossip for good measure. From weddings to divorces, babies to funerals, new beginnings to happy endings, they weather every event in their lives en masse with grace, determination, and perfectly coiffed hair.
SMOKEY JOE’S CAFE – August 15th thru September 13th

smokey_j    Leiber & Stoller virtually invented rock ‘n’ roll, and now their songs are part of an electrifying musical that illuminates the golden age of American culture. Featuring nearly 40 of the greatest songs ever recorded, this isn’t just great pop music – it’s great musical theatre.
FATHER OF THE BRIDE – September 19th thru October 11th


The play that spawned several movies tells the story of a dithering father as his only daughter prepares to wed. As expenses and headaches mount and the big day arrives, will dear old Dad be able to see it through? A gentle comedy to which every father can relate.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS – October 17th thru November 15th

Little-shop-web     Seymour works at a flower shop attending a plant he’s named Audrey after the girl he loves. But it’s no ordinary plant – it came from outer space and plans to rule the world. As things get out-of-control, can Seymour stop the plant, save the world AND get the girl?

A CHRISTMAS CAROL – November 21st thru December 23rd

Carol-web    The miserly Ebenezer Scrooge journeys to redemption through the appearance of Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future. With carols of the season throughout, A Christmas Carol is a tradition unmatched for the joy it brings to every holiday season.

As you can see, 2014 will be another smash season at PlazaCo. We look forward to seeing you for a 2014 to remember.

So What’s The Deal With [TITLE OF SHOW]? An Artistic Director’s Perspective.


Hello. My name is JaceSon Barrus. I am one of the Co-Producers at Plaza Theatre Company and I serve as Artistic Director for our theatre group. [TITLE OF SHOW] is our 62nd production here at Plaza Theatre Company. During our run of nearly six years we’ve produced many classics, some newer material, had a lot of laughs and enjoyed our share of growth and success, both financially and artistically. We’ve watched as the Company has won Awards and surpassed 1,100 Season Ticket holders annually, all in our small town just south of Fort Worth called Cleburne.

I think it is safe to say that no production from among our first 62 has engendered as strong a response, both negative and positive, as our current production of [TITLE OF SHOW]. Additionally, I have been asked many times some form of the question, “why this show?” So that is why I am contributing to this blog today: To address the question of “why this show” and perhaps to encourage those who may be on the fence to be willing to try something a little new.

As is the case with many small community theatre groups, those of us in charge wear many hats. We answer the phones, sell the tickets, build the sets and costumes, direct and act in the shows, sweep and vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms, and address the complaints, just to name a few. Such is the case with me as I have worked the Will Call window for this show. Last Friday evening I was working the window when a patron came to pick up her tickets. She asked me for reassurance that the show would be enjoyable as she had brought some guests, and she had never heard of [TITLE OF SHOW]. She shared with me that some friends of hers had already seen the show and that they didn’t care for it. I tried to explain that while the show was a different style, that it still made for a quality experience and sent her in to the theatre. I’ll admit I was a little disheartened. Once the show began, my wife Tina and I ran an errand to the grocery store to pick up a few items for concessions. As we pushed our buggy down the aisle, a woman stopped us to tell us about her experience the night before at [TITLE OF SHOW]. She said she wanted to thank us for being willing to risk trying something new and different and that she hadn’t laughed so hard in years. I was amazed by how passionately she thanked us for producing this somewhat unknown musical.

I relate this story to illustrate a point – that folks are not all going to have the same taste. What one person found disappointing, another found absolutely fabulous. And that is the reason we try to offer a variety of styles with our Season of Shows – to appeal to a broad range of tastes. We have the unique privilege of offering 10 productions a year at PlazaCo. So as Artistic Director and manager of the artistic vision of the Company, it is my job to make sure we offer something special with every title we produce. I believe such is the case with [TITLE OF SHOW].

The show tells the story of four friends on a journey to creating a finished work of art. In this case, a musical. And not just any musical, one that will be different and unique from any other musical ever presented on Broadway. The story is real as it chronicles what actually happened in the process of getting to Broadway. And while some have suggested that a story about actors can only be interesting to actors I say not so. The message of struggle and perseverance eventually culminating in reaching an astonishing goal is universal and, in my view, a story worth telling.

Our last production at PlazaCo was the magnificent THE SOUND OF MUSIC. The show was very popular as we played to 99% capacity during the run of the show. We are extremely proud of that show, the cast and crew, which created such a beautiful and moving experience for our audience. And while we were thrilled at the popular response, I submit that selling tickets and making money isn’t our primary motivation. What drives us, just like the people in the story of [TITLE OF SHOW], is the desire to create something unique. And with this show, the story and the high level of the quality of the direction and the performances, I know we have achieved that.

I know you may disagree with my point-of-view. But how will you know unless you give it a try? I encourage you to give [TITLE OF SHOW] a chance – you just might end up like that lady in the grocery store saying, “I haven’t laughed so hard in years”.

JaceSon P. Barrus
Plaza Theatre Company – Artistic Director

Today’s Poll: Tell Us The Musicals You’d Like To See PlazaCo Produce


Tell Us What You Think!

That’s right! Today we are asking for your input. We will be announcing our 2014 Season at our annual “Thank You Party” on April 9th. As you might guess, putting together a season of shows is always quite a challenge. This year, we are looking at a fabulous list of Musicals to produce in 2014, but we’d love to hear from you. Realizing what our mission is and the style of musical we like to produce at PlazaCo, please vote for the shows below you’d like to see us produce at PTC. (Pick up to three)

Please note that this list isn’t a complete look at every title we are considering for 2014. Thank you for your input.

Press Release – Plaza Theatre Company at the 2013 Column Awards

Plaza Theatre Company honored with nine 2013 Column Awards including BEST MUSICAL

On Monday, February 25th 2013, the 14th annual Column Awards were held in the beautiful Carpenter Performance Hall at the Irving Arts Center. Plaza Theatre Company was honored DSC_3102with nine Column Awards during the evening including wins for Best Equity Musical of the year for RAGTIME, and Best Directors of an Equity Musical. The win for Best Musical was Plaza’s third in the last four years, though it was their first in the Equity (professional) category.

The Column Awards organization is a non-profit group with a commitment to honoring excellence in the Dallas / Fort Worth theatrical community. This year, 34 local theaters received nominations including both professional and ameteur (Equity and non-Equity) companies. Plaza Theatre Company was honored with 44 nominations on the evening. Column Awards founder John Garcia and Broadway guest host Orfeh emceed the event handing out nearly 70 awards during the evening.

Column Award winners from PlazaCo’s 2012 season of shows included a win in the Equity category for Best Musical for RAGTIME as well as a win for Best Directors of anRagtime Major and Chimberley Equity Musical by Aaron and Milette Siler for their direction of RAGTIME. Tina Barrus also received the Column Award for Best Costumes of an Equity Musical for her work on RAGTIME. The three awards marked the first time Plaza Theatre Company has been awarded any wins in a professional category at The Columns. The win for RAGTIME as Best Equity Musical came in a tie with THE PRODUCERS from Uptown Players in Dallas.

All told, Plaza Theatre Company had six different productions from it’s 2012 season of shows receive an honor during the ceremony. In addition to the wins for RAGTIME, PlazaCo winners included Aaron Siler as Best non-Equity Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Tevye in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF; Ben Phillips as Best non-Equity Supporting Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Aldolpho in THE DROWSY CHAPERONE; Luke Hunt as Best non-Equity Featured Actor in a Play for his portrayal of Froggy in THE FOREIGNER; Trich Zaitoon as Best non-Equity Featured Actress in a play for her portrayal of Aunt Mary Drexel in THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE; Stephen Singleton for the Chita Rivera Dance Award Male for his featured dance performance in FOOTLOOSE; and Aaron Siler for Best non-Equity Sound Design of a Musical for his design of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE.

DSC_3881The gala event also features performances from local companies who have been honored with nominations for Best Musical of the Year. PlazaCo was privileged to present numbers from both of its Best Musical nominees – FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and RAGTIME. Performers came from among the original Plaza casts of both those shows.

In the six years since Plaza Theatre Company’s founding, the theatre troupe from Cleburne has been the recipient of 46 Column Awards including wins for Best Musical three of the last four years – for AIDA in 2010; for INTO THE WOODS in 2011; and now for RAGTIME in 2013. Also of note is the win for Best Costumes of a Musical for Tina Barrus who has now won five Best Costume Awards during the last four years.

Our Patrons Have Spoken: You Want More Comfortable Seats

We couldn’t agree more. Our seating has served us well these five years. But we’re hoping to replace our current seating with more comfortable seating very soon. In an effort to make this happen, PlazaCo is starting an annual fundraising event. The annual CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR is playing at the Cleburne Conference center ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Featuring an old-fashioned Victorian evening of Christmas celebration.

Guests will receive a special PlazaCo Christmas tree ornament as well as a chance to win a genuine double eagle gold coin. They will also enjoy food, Plaza’s holiday variety show and even Santa Clause!

The holiday variety show will feature many of Plaza’s regular actors and actresses as they perform many favorites of the season.All proceeds raised from the event will be used to provide new seating for Plaza Theatre Company’s patrons.

Tickets for this special fundraising event are $50 a person and are available right now by calling 817-202-0600 or by visiting

Please consider joining us for this special evening of holiday entertainment. We know once we’ve gotten the new theatre seating that you’ll be glad you did.
See ya December 4th!

2013 Season Ticket Renewal INFORMATION

There is information below for both current Season Ticket Holders as well as for those who are wishing to become Season Ticket Holders. Read on for Renewal AND for first time buyer information:

Current Season Ticket Renewals Information

As a 2012 Season Ticket holder, you get the month of September to secure your season ticket before they are open to the general public in October. To renew your Season Ticket, you must fill out the renewal form and return it to the Plaza box office. We will begin accepting renewal forms when our box office opens at 10 AM Tuesday, September 4th (the day after Labor Day).

This year we are making it easier than ever to renew your season ticket. We have two convenient options:

OPTION 1:  Pick your dates and seats later on.
Do you just want to secure your Season Ticket and pick your dates later?  Then you can renew via:
– Online at and clicking on “Online Tickets”.       (This is only available if you are not choosing specific dates or seats.)
– Telephone (with Visa, Mastercard or Discover).  817-202-0600
– In person at the Plaza Box Office during business hours (with Cash, Check or Card)

OPTION 2: Pick your dates and seats now.
If you wish to choose specific seats and dates when you renew your season ticket, simply fill out the form on the back of this page and either return it to the Plaza Box Office by mail, or bring it by during business hours. We will process renewals in the order we receive them and never in person.
If you feel you must choose specific seats, please offer flexibility on dates. For example, offer us a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of dates you desire. Alternately, if you must have certain dates, please be flexible in the seats you will accept. Again, offer us a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of seating areas.

PLEASE NOTE – During the month of September, we will ONLY process Season Ticket renewals through the use of the renewal form, unless you are simply buying the Season Ticket without choosing specific seats and dates. WE WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR FORM OVER THE PHONE OR IN PERSON. After we process your form we will mail you a detailed receipt with your dates and seating assignments.

First Time Season Ticket Buyers

We will begin accepting General Public (First Time Buyers) on October 2nd. You can reserve in person, in the Box Office or online at Once we have reached 1,200 Season Ticket Holders for our 2013 Season, we will stop selling the Season Ticket. So if you plan to become a 2013 Season Ticket Holder, we recommend purchasing as soon as you possible.

Plaza Theatre Company’s 2013 Season of Shows (click the title for more info)

SEE HOW THEY RUN – December 31st thru January 26th (Auditions November 5th, 2012)

THE SOUND OF MUSIC – February 1st thru March 9th (Auditions December 3rd and 4th, 2012)

[TITLE OF SHOW] APROPOS – March 15th thru April 13th (Auditions January 7th and 8th)

PILLOW TALK – April 19th thru May 11th (Auditions February 19th)

DIRTY, ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS – May 17th thru June 22nd (Auditions March 18th and 19th)

BYE, BYE BIRDIE – June 28th thru August 3rd (Auditions April 22nd and 23rd)

MAN OF LA MANCHA – August 9th thru September 7th (Auditions June 3rd and 4th)

DEAR RUTH – September 13th thru October 5th (Auditions July 9th )

CLUE the MUSICAL – October 11th thru November 9th (Auditions August 19th and 20th)

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS – November 15th thru December 23rd (Auditions September 16th and 17th)

Plaza Theatre Company’s Official 2013 Season of Plays

Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official lineup of shows for its 2013 season. This message will supersede any previous announcement regarding the 2013 Season at PlazaCo. PTC will once again be presenting 10 productions in 2013 – seven musicals and three comedies. The full line-up is listed below:

As you can see, the second show of the year isn’t listed. That’s not because we’re keeping a secret – it’s because our contract doesn’t permit us to advertise the show outside of 25 miles from Cleburne EXCEPT for on our website. You can visit the Plaza Theatre website at and check the calendar to see the title in the second slot.

The dates of the 10 productions are as follows:

SEE HOW THEY RUN – December 31st thru January 26th (Auditions November 5th, 2012)

THE UNLISTED PRODUCTION – February 1st thru March 9th (Auditions December 3rd and 4th, 2012)

[TITLE OF SHOW] APROPOS – March 15th thru April 13th (Auditions January 7th and 8th)

PILLOW TALK – April 19th thru May 11th (Auditions February 19th)

DIRTY, ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS – May 17th thru June 22nd (Auditions March 18th and 19th)

BYE, BYE BIRDIE – June 28th thru August 3rd (Auditions April 22nd and 23rd)

MAN OF LA MANCHA – August 9th thru September 7th (Auditions June 3rd and 4th)

DEAR RUTH – September 13th thru October 5th (Auditions July 9th )

CLUE the MUSICAL – October 11th thru November 9th (Auditions August 19th and 20th)

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS – November 15th thru December 23rd (Auditions September 16th and 17th)

The Directors and Production Teams for these productions have not been finalized and will be announced at a later date.

2013 will be an eclectic mix of both classic and modern material at Plaza Theatre Company – and we couldn’t be more excited about what the season will bring. Current 2012 Season Ticket holders will be able to begin renewing their Season Tickets for 2013 on Monday September 3rd at 10am. The general public may begin purchasing Season Tickets for 2013 on Monday October 8th.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2013 and hope you’ll join us for this outstanding season of shows.

~ The PlazaCo Staff

Audition Notice – RAGTIME at Plaza Theatre Company

August 20th and August 21st, 2012

Call backs are August 22nd, 7-10pm

Auditions held at the Plaza Academy Fine Arts & Dance Studio at:

221 S. Mill St., Cleburne, TX

Directed by G. Aaron and Milette Siler
Musical Director – Bree Cockerell
Stage Manager – Lindsay Hardisty

Click here to make an audition appointment

All roles are available for Plaza Theatre Company’s upcoming production of RAGTIME. An open audition is being held at Plaza Theatre Company to cast the show on August 20-21, 2012. Auditions are by appointment only.


Those who choose to audition are asked to come prepared to sing 16 bars of a showtune in the style of the show. An accompanist or CD player will be provided but each auditioner will be asked to provide their own sheet music or backing track. A brief cold reading will also be required at the initial audition. A head shot and resume are requested.

To be considered for a principal role please prepare two contrasting songs, 16 bars each, in the style of the show with one up tempo and one ballad not from RAGTIME. You must bring sheet music or backing track.


RAGTIME is a story about life in America at the beginning of the 20th century. The show illustrates poignant issues of the day – from immigration, racism and politics to industrialization and social upheaval. Historical figures intermingle with fictional characters. The show focuses on three families – one upper-middle class, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, once socialist immigrant Jewish and one Harlem Black – whose intersecting lives are influenced by the Ragtime era’s social challenges. These interwoven stories of family, faith, and the desire for social justice are the make the fabric of an America just beginning to rise.

Based on the book “Ragtime” by E. L. Doctorow
Book by Terrance McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens


Plaza Theatre Company is a 158 seat theatre-in-the-round located at 111 S. Main in Cleburne, TX. The Company produces 10 shows a year usually in the style of family-friendly comedies and musicals. PlazaCo opened in November of 2006 and is currently producing it’s 55th show. The Company has been the proud recipient of over 37 Column Awards including winning “Best Musical” two years running in 2009 and 2010 in addition to recently being named “Best Theatre Group” by the WFAA A-List for 2011. Further information about PlazaCo is available by visiting


RAGTIME will open at Plaza Theatre Company on October 12th and play thru November 10th, 2012. The show plays every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30pm with Saturday matinees at 3pm. Rehearsals will commence on August 27th. Double casting of some roles MAY be available to accommodate scheduling.


(all roles are available)

Principal Roles – 2 women/4 men

Mother: Caucasian, 25 – 40. Graceful and gracious on the surface, a product of the American upper class. Inside, however, there is spirit, compassion, intelligence and fierce independence; the Accidental Feminist. Also has a wonderful, playful relationship with her son and is always amused by him. Maintains a proper and dutiful relationship with her husband and discovers her own womanhood as the play progresses. Voice: Beautiful soprano with a strong belt (to C#). Low G – high F# (optional high B).

Coalhouse: African American man, early 20s – late 30s. A leading man of power, presence, edge, integrity and charisma. Coalhouse has a nobility and a ferocity we discover as his expectations of how he should be treated come into conflict with the reality of the experience of an African American man at the turn of the (20th) century. His final resort to violence is the climax of the story. Voice: Powerful, rich baritone with strong high notes. Low Ab – high A.

Tateh: Caucasian man, 30 – 45. Dynamic, leading/character man. Jewish immigrant. Challenges his old life and seeks a better one for his daughter. Even when it seems he is beaten by society, his innate strength and humor lift him up. Warm, funny, filled with life and passion; tenacious, a survivor and a very clever man. Voice: Baritone with good high notes. Low A – high F#.

Sarah: African American. 18 – 30. Lovely, passionate, headstrong, yet innocent, simple and quite shy. Acts on her emotions without thinking. Strong belter (to D) with a good mix. Voice: Low G – high F#.

Father: Caucasian, 30 – 45. A salesman; a good, proud, upstanding citizen. Represents the traditional views held by many turn-of-the-century Americans. After his return from his trip to the Arctic, he feels alienated from his family and his environment; he is baffled and befuddled by the new world. Voice: Baritone with good high notes: low A – high F#.

Younger Brother: Caucasian, 18 – 25. Idealistic and difficult, he searches for a sense of self. Obsessed with Evelyn Nesbit, he becomes embittered and depressed and soon becomes a Young Revolutionary and joins The Coalhouse Gang to fight injustice. Voice: Strong tenor. Low B – high G#.

Supporting Roles – 2 children/3 women/5 men


Little Boy: Caucasian. Seeking actor age 8 – 12 to play age 10. Should be between 4’5″ and 4’10”. Precocious, intelligent, observant and curious, the Little Boy is constantly learning about the world around him. He is prescient—seems to know things before they happen. Actor must have excellent diction! Voice: not yet changed. Middle C up to D (full voice).

Little Girl: Eastern European, Caucasian. Seeking actress age 10 – 14 to play age 10 – 12. Character is appealing, fragile, earnest. Voice: Middle C up to C#.

Grandfather: Caucasian, 50s – 60s. Feisty, upper-class old gentleman. Baritone.

Evelyn Nesbit: Caucasian, 20s. Pretty, sexy, self-aware. Needs to be truly funny. The iconic symbol of sex and beauty at the turn of the (20th) century. Soprano.

Houdini: Caucasian, 20s – early 30s. Magician and performer. Sly sense of magic and charisma. Immigrant raised in the Midwest. Baritone.

Henry Ford: Caucasian, 30s – early 40s. Inventor. Lanky. Folksy. Full of himself. Tenor.

J. P. Morgan: Caucasian, late 30s – 50s. Incredibly wealthy financier. Portly. Pompous, blustering. Baritone.

Emma Goldman: Caucasian, early 30s – early 40s. Anarchist and social activist. Earthy, warm, ironic, full-voiced. Alto.

Willie Conklin: Caucasian, late 20s – mid 30s. Fire Chief Conklin acts hostilely toward Coalhouse, and is ultimately forced out of New Rochelle. Must have a certain amount of joviality and humor, with the menace simmering underneath. Baritone.

Booker T. Washington: African American, early 30s – early 40s. Well-educated orator and leader who preaches friendship and cooperation between whites and blacks as essential to the success of blacks in America. Baritone.

Sarah’s Friend: African American, late 20s – mid 30s. Warm, soulful gospel singer/actress who plaintively and ferociously leads the Harlem Ensemble during Sarah’s funeral. Then becomes a domestic to the New Rochelle family.

Ensemble Roles – 11 women / 12 men
A dancing ensemble will be cast from within the ensemble

Women of the ensemble (possible doubling)

Kathleen ( 5 lines, female)
Welfare Official (2 lines, Female)
Brigit/ Baron’s Assistant (5 lines, Female)
Houdini’s Mother/ Mrs. Whitstein (2 lines, Female)
Jury Foreman/ Second Bureaucrat (2 lines, Female)
Reporter/ White Lawyer (4 lines, Female)
Newsboy #1 (2 lines, Young Female)
Newsboy #3 (2 lines, Young Female)
Female Soloist 1/ Harlem Woman ( 7 lines, Female)
Female Soloist 2/ Follower 2 ( 2 lines, Female)
Female Soloist 3 / Follower 3 ( 2 lines, Female)

Men of the ensemble (possible doubling)

Conductor/ Charles S. Whitman (11 lines, Male)
Admiral Peary/ Town Hall Bureaucrat/ Fan 2 (11 lines, Male)
Willie Conklin’s Fireman buddy/ Policeman 1 (10 lines, Male)
Stanford White/ Tateh’s Customer/Baseball Fan 1(9 lines, Male)
Reporter/ Fan 4 (5 lines, Male)
Harry K. Thaw/ Judge/ Umpire (4 lines, Male)
Doctor/ Policeman 2 (2 lines, Male)
Newsboy #2 (2 lines, Young Male)
Matthew Henson/ Clerk/ Fan 3 (5 lines, Male)
Male Soloist 1/ Harlem Man ( 9 lines, Male)
Male Soloist 2/ Coalhouse Follower (9 lines, Male)
Male Soloist 3/ Lawyer/ Follower 1 (4 lines, Male)

Plaza Theatre Company Nominees for the 13th annual Column Awards

It was quite a night for Plaza Theatre Company’s 2011 productions. Every eligible production from PlazaCo’s 2011 season received nominations in non-Equity categories. In all the Company received 51 nominations. At Plaza, we strongly feel that recognition of any one part of a production is recognition for the whole production. So to ALL our wonderful actors, designers, technicians and musicians we send our congratulations and gratitude.

The folks listed below received the top six number of votes in their respective category. They have now moved on to the Final Round of voting which opens today. Only those who voted in the first round are eligible to vote in the Final Round. As usual, we encourage all to vote fairly and honestly. Voting for this final round closes next Friday, February 10th.

We also encourage all to attend the 13th Annual Column Awards Gala on Monday February 27th at the Patty Granville Performing Arts Center. As more information becomes available about ticketing we will post it here. We hope to see a large contingent in attendance on this special night.

Here is the list of nominees from Plaza Theatre Company’s 2011 productions for the 13th annual Column Awards: (all in the non-Equity category)

Best Play
Best Actor – David Cook
Best Actress – Tina Barrus
Best Featured Actress – Milette Siler

Best Actor – JaceSon Barrus
Best Actress – Daron Cockerell
Best Original Set Design / Musical – Kyle Macy, JaceSon Barrus, Aaron Siler

Best Musical
Best Director / Musical – JaceSon and Tina Barrus
Best Actor – David Cook
Best Actress – Christine Atwell
Best Supporting Actor – Joey Geisel
Best Musical Director – Dick Helmcamp
Best Original Costume Design / Musical – Tina Barrus
Best Original Set Design / Musical – JaceSon Barrus
Best Lighting Design / Musical  – Cameron Barrus
Best Sound Design / Musical – Aaron Siler

Best Supporting Actress – Milette Siler
Best Featured Actress – Trich Zaitoon
Best Lighting Design / Play – Cameron Barrus

Chita Rivera Dance / Male – Michael Sylvester

Best Musical
Best Director / Musical – JaceSon and Tina Barrus
Best Actor – Gregory Gerardi
Best Featured Actress – Mimi Barrus
Best Choreography – Tabitha Barrus
Best Musical Direction – Bree Cockerell
Best Original Costume Design / Musical – Tina Barrus
Best Lighting Design / Musical – Aaron Siler
Best Sound Design / Musical – Aaron Siler

Best Play
Best Director / Play – Aaron Siler
Best Actor – Luke Hunt
Best Actor – Cooper Rodgers
Best Supporting Actor – Jon Kennedy
Best Supporting Actor – Aaron Lett
Best Supporting Actress – Tabitha Barrus
Best Featured Actor – Aaron Siler
Best Featured Actor – JaceSon Barrus
Best Featured Actress – Kristi Taylor
Best Original Costume Design / Play – Tina Barrus
Best Original Set Design / Play – Aaron Siler
Best Lighting Design / Play – Aaron Siler
Best Sound Design / Play – Aaron Siler

Chita Rivera Dance / Male – Jonathan Metting
Chita Rivera Dance / Female – Rachel Hunt
Best Choreography – Courtney Sikora, Tabitha Barrus, Rachel Hunt

Best Supporting Actor – JaceSon Barrus
Best Supporting Actress – Caroline Rivera
Best Featured Actor – Joey Geisel
Best Musical Director – Joey Geisel

…and even though they don’t assign the Best Stage Manager nominations to a specific theatre group, both of these ladies were nominated for their work on PlazaCo shows –


A full list of all nominees in all categories is available by visiting here:

Breaking News: Plaza Theatre Company receives several mentions in The Column critics annual “Best of Theatre” list

First, we are sending congratulations to our brethren in the DFW theatre community for raising the bar in 2011 and for all of the recognition in this year’s “Best of Theatre” list from The Column’s staff of critics.

Second, we’re also sending thanks to The Column by John Garcia for the tireless effort in promoting the arts in our community and specifically to the staff of critics who have provided critical reviews throughout this outstanding season of shows in the Metroplex.

Lastly, we’re so honored to have received several mentions in this year’s annual “Best of Theatre” issue of The Column by John Garcia. As well as the thrill of being mentioned side-by-side with the best that our theatre community has to offer. We believe that any recognition we receive is praise for everyone who has set foot on our stage or worked behind the scenes during the entire season, so we share these accolades with our entire family of performers, technicians, designers and volunteers.

To read the entire article from The Column by John Garcia, go here: The Column by John Garcia’s Best of Theater 2011

Please let us stress, this article has nothing to do with nominations for The Column Awards. The list is simply the critics choice from The Column. We are not announcing nominees, just highlighting some of the critics choice mentions.

Several Plaza shows and performances from 2011 received mention in the issue. They are:


Daron Cockerell as Annie Oakley (twice)
JaceSon Barrus as Frank Butler


Best Musical of the Year
David Cook as Sir Percival Blakeney
Christine Atwell as Marguerite St. Just
Ben Phillips as Chauvelin
Best Costume Design by Tina Barrus


Michael Sylvester as Barnaby Tucker
Tabitha Barrus and Michael Sylvester as Best Dancing Pair


Best Musical of the Year
Gregory Gerardi as Joseph (twice)
Daron Cockerell as Narrator
Caitlan Davis as Narrator
Mimi Barrus as The Goat
Best Ensemble
Hardest Working Ensemble
Best Choreography by Tabitha Barrus (twice)
Best Costume Design by Tina Barrus


Best Play of the Year
Best Costume Design by Tina Barrus


Best Musical of the Year
Jonathan Metting as Bobby Child (twice)
Caitlan Davis as Irene Roth
Soni Barrus as Lottie Child
The Follies Girls as Best Tap Ensemble
The Follies Girls as Best Dance Ensemble
Best Costume Design by Tina Barrus


Taylor O’Toole as Annie


Again, we send congratulations to these wonderful performers and to all who worked on these productions. 2011 at PlazaCo was a smashing success and we can’t wait to do it all agin in 2012.

Just by way of reminder, voting for The Column Awards begins January 16th. If you are a registered member of The Column, you can get your code and start voting next Monday. Don’t wait until it’s too late.