Casting Announcement: POLLYANNA at Plaza Theatre Company


Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official cast list for its upcoming production of POLLYANNA, a play version of the famous book by Eleanor H. Porter, which will play at PlazaCo from September 11th thru October 3rd. The show will be under the direction of Taffy Geisel with stage management by Nathan Glenn. Plaza producers wish to thank all who auditioned for the show.

The Cast of POLLANNA is: (double cast where noted)

Pollyanna Whittier – Emmie Vaughn, Kylie Scarborough
Aunt Polly – Katherine Anthony
Nancy – Christine Atwell
Mrs. Durgin – Priscilla Nix
Loretta – Lauren Morgan
Mrs. Snow – Katy Holt Wood
Millie Snow – Tori Beth Pilcher
Mrs. McCleary – Meagan Avery Sellers, Noelle Mitchell
Mrs. Malden – Ruth Ann Warwick
Mrs. Benton – Julia Ekpo
Mrs. Jack Payson – Gwen Swinehart
Emily Payson – Esther Ekpo
Mrs. Winkle – Helene Cottongame
Jimmy Bean – Henry Cawood
Mr. John Pendleton – Jay Cornils
Dr. Thomas Chilton – Jason Philip Cole
Pastor Malden – Kyle Scarborough, Gary Payne
Old Tom – JaceSon Barrus
Mr. Gilbert – Cody Vernon
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