Casting Announcement: 42ND STREET at Plaza Theatre Company


Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official cast list for its upcoming production of 42ND STREET which will play at PlazaCo from March 13th thru April 18th. The show will be under the direction of Jay Lewis with musical direction by Doug Henry, choreography by Tabitha Barrus and assistant choreography by Rachel Browning with Stephanie Cessna as dance captain and Nathan Glenn as stage manager. Plaza producers wish to thank all who auditioned for the show. Some roles are double cast and are noted in the cast list below.

Dorothy Brock – Rachel Hunt
Peggy Sawyer – Tabitha Barrus
Maggie Jones – Stefanie Glenn / Stacey Greenawalt
Ann Reilly – Stephanie Cessna / Cessany Ford
Julian Marsh – Luke Hunt
Billy Lawlor – Jonathan Metting
Bert Barry – JaceSon Barrus
Phyllis Dale – Monica Glenn
Lorraine Fleming – Katherine Balaban / Kelly Nickel
Andy Lee – Nolan Moralez
Pat Denning – Jay Lewis
Abner Dillon – Jay Cornils
Oscar – Parker Barrus
Mac – Sara Blair / Stormy Witter

Dancers –
Levi King
Cameron Barrus
David Midkiff
Eden Barrus
Rachel Browning / Cricket Almond
Anna Looney

Thug/Doctor/et al – Edward Calderon
Thug/Waiter/et al – Dash Maddox

Ensemble –
Micah King
Arianna Ellis

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