The Official Cast List for Plaza Theatre Company’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL


Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official Cast List for its upcoming production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. The show will be directed by Aaron Siler with musical direction by Doug Henry and will play at PlazaCo from November 21st thru December 23rd. The cast for A CHRISTMAS CAROL is:

Ebenezer Scrooge JaceSon P. Barrus
Charles Dickens / Fred Luke Hunt
Bob Cratchit Russ B. Walker
Jacob Marley Steven Lindsay
Charity Man 1 Gene Zorn
Charity Man 2 Jay A. Cornils
Carol Boy, Turkey Boy Carly Black / Rylee Mullen
Ghost of Christmas Past Carly Black / Rylee Mullen
Boy Scrooge Caleb Richter
Little Fan Mimi Barrus
Mr. Fezziwig Jay A. Cornils
Mrs. Fezziwig Cherie Robinson
Teen Scrooge (Eben) Levi King
Dick Wilkins Cameron Barrus
Elizabeth Madison Heaps
Letitia Haley Richter / Austen Stanton
Mary Maddie Almond / Emma Dalley
Anna Looney
Toby Burris
Belle Carlee Cagle
Young Scrooge David Goza
Ghost of Christmas Present G. Aaron Siler
Mrs. Cratchit Rachel Hunt
Martha Cratchit Madison Heaps
Peter Cratchit Caleb Richter
Belinda Cratchit Haley Richter / Austen Stanton
Carol Cratchit Eden Barrus
Frances Cratchit Megan Skinner / Grace Dalley
Tiny Tim Brennan Richter / Corban Vincent
Fred’s Wife Emily Warwick
Topper David Goza
Topper’s Girl Carlee Cagle
Georgina Soni Barrus
David Jay A. Cornils
Dora Cherie Robinson
Charles Gene Zorn
Ignorance Mimi Barrus
Want J.J. Barrus / Hayden Young
Ghost of Christmas Future Cameron Barrus
Laundress Suzy Shearing
Charwoman Soni Barrus
Old Joe G. Aaron Siler
Poor Wife Carlee Cagle
Poor Man David Goza
Double Quartet
Gene Zorn
G. Aaron Siler
David Goza
Levi King
Cherie Robinson
Soni Barrus
Carlee Cagle
Madison Heaps
Emily Warwick
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