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The Official Cast List for Plaza Theatre Company’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL


Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official Cast List for its upcoming production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. The show will be directed by Aaron Siler with musical direction by Doug Henry and will play at PlazaCo from November 21st thru December 23rd. The cast for A CHRISTMAS CAROL is:

Ebenezer Scrooge JaceSon P. Barrus
Charles Dickens / Fred Luke Hunt
Bob Cratchit Russ B. Walker
Jacob Marley Steven Lindsay
Charity Man 1 Gene Zorn
Charity Man 2 Jay A. Cornils
Carol Boy, Turkey Boy Carly Black / Rylee Mullen
Ghost of Christmas Past Carly Black / Rylee Mullen
Boy Scrooge Caleb Richter
Little Fan Mimi Barrus
Mr. Fezziwig Jay A. Cornils
Mrs. Fezziwig Cherie Robinson
Teen Scrooge (Eben) Levi King
Dick Wilkins Cameron Barrus
Elizabeth Madison Heaps
Letitia Haley Richter / Austen Stanton
Mary Maddie Almond / Emma Dalley
Anna Looney
Toby Burris
Belle Carlee Cagle
Young Scrooge David Goza
Ghost of Christmas Present G. Aaron Siler
Mrs. Cratchit Rachel Hunt
Martha Cratchit Madison Heaps
Peter Cratchit Caleb Richter
Belinda Cratchit Haley Richter / Austen Stanton
Carol Cratchit Eden Barrus
Frances Cratchit Megan Skinner / Grace Dalley
Tiny Tim Brennan Richter / Corban Vincent
Fred’s Wife Emily Warwick
Topper David Goza
Topper’s Girl Carlee Cagle
Georgina Soni Barrus
David Jay A. Cornils
Dora Cherie Robinson
Charles Gene Zorn
Ignorance Mimi Barrus
Want J.J. Barrus / Hayden Young
Ghost of Christmas Future Cameron Barrus
Laundress Suzy Shearing
Charwoman Soni Barrus
Old Joe G. Aaron Siler
Poor Wife Carlee Cagle
Poor Man David Goza
Double Quartet
Gene Zorn
G. Aaron Siler
David Goza
Levi King
Cherie Robinson
Soni Barrus
Carlee Cagle
Madison Heaps
Emily Warwick

Audition Notice: THE NERD at Plaza Theatre Company


Audition Notice: THE NERD at Plaza Theatre Company

Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce open auditions for its upcoming production of THE NERD. The initial audition is being held on Tuesday, November 4th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Audition appointments are available by calling the Plaza Box Office at 817-202-0600 or by visiting

The audition will be held at Plaza Academy which is located at 221 Mill Street in Cleburne about 1 block from Plaza Theatre Company. The show will be directed by Steven Lindsay and stage managed by Dave and Amy Sorter.


Those auditioning are asked to come prepared to read cold from the script during the initial audition. The directors may ask for additional character interpretation at this initial audition and will spend around 5 minutes with each individual performer at this initial audition.

A call back audition will be held on Saturday, November 8th from 9am to 12noon. Those who the Directors wish to see further will be invited to the call back audition. PLEASE REFER TO THE PLAZA AUDITION GUIDELINES AS WELL AS THE PLAZA AUDITION CREDO WHEN PREPARING YOUR AUDITION. The guidelines and Credo can be found at


The production will play on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and Saturday afternoons opening on December 31st and playing thru January 24th. Rehearsals will usually take place Monday thru Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings until opening. No Sunday rehearsals or performances.


The story of a hilarious dilemma for a young man who is visited by a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life during the war. However, his awkward manner, inappropriate behavior and lack of social skill throws the visit into shambles. The Nerd is that dreaded house guest who outstays his welcome with a vengeance.


Plaza Theatre Company is a 158 seat theatre-in-the-round located at 111 S. Main in Cleburne, TX. The Company produces 10 shows a year usually in the style of family-friendly comedies and musicals. PlazaCo opened in November of 2006 and is currently producing it’s 76th show. The Company has been the proud recipient of over 46 Column Awards including winning “Best Musical” in 2009, 2010 and 2012 in addition to recently being named “Best Theatre Group” by the WFAA A-List for 2011. Further information about PlazaCo is available by visiting


WILLUM Cubbert (male, mid-30s).  A professional architect, likable and sincere, unexciting and set in his ways.  Willum needs a little gumption.

TANSY McGinnis (female, about Willum’s age).  The woman about to choose between her boyfriend Willum and her career as a weather girl.  Tansy is bubbly, wry, and definitely her own woman.

AXEL Hammond (male, about Willum’s age).  Dry, wise-cracking, irreverent, devil-may-care theater critic who has never done an anonymous favor for anyone.

Warnock WALDGRAVE (male, 35-60).  Powerful, stern, and successful businessman totally lacking in imagination.  The last time Waldgrave smiled was 30 years ago, and then it was gas.

CLELIA Waldgrave (female, 30-50).  Patient but strained, harried but calm, the picture of a schoolteacher almost but not quite stressed to her breaking point.

THOR Waldgrave (male, 8-10).  The son of Warnock and Clelia Waldgrave is a bratty who is a temperamental, loud, boisterous, irrepressible young monster.

RICK Steadman (male, mid-30s).  Tactless, selfish, insensitive, aggravating, pointlessly dull, and the worst houseguest ever.  Note:  the actor playing Rick Steadman will be playing 3 parts (Rick, Kemp, and Red) and must be able to disguise his voice as Rick and Red.