The Column Awards – Voting and Nominations Information

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Below you will find information about the new voting procedures for The Column Awards for this year. Please read thoroughly so that you can be acquainted properly with these new procedures. Voting for this years Column Awards begins Monday (Jan 13th) so this information is particularly relevant.

  • A new “Voting Academy” has been created to select official nominees. This Academy is comprised of people who: (1) Have won a Column Award in the past, (2) Are an Artistic Director of a theatre group which has won Best Musical or Best Play in the past, (3) Are a Column or other local theatre critic, or (4) Are a currently serving Column Awards Board Member. If you meet one or more of the above requirements, you are eligible to register as a member of the “Voting Academy”. Only members of the “Voting Academy” can vote in the first round of voting. Simply follow this link to register as a member of the “Voting Academy”. Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you detailing the first round voting process.**IMPORTANT NOTE** The general membership of The Column votes for the winners from the nominees selected by the “Voting Academy”.
  • “Voting Academy” voting begins Monday January 13th and is open until January 24th. If you are an eligible “Voting Academy” member, we suggest voting sooner rather than later so that you don’t let the deadline accidentally pass you by. As a “Voting Academy” member you must follow the link above to register.
  • We strongly encourage you to vote for those who you think are truly deserving. We do not expect you to vote for a Plaza show just because you have done a show here or because you know us. Vote for what you think is most deserving – we hope you make as informed a decision as possible when voting.
  • Once nominees have been selected and announced, voting in the final round begins January 27th and runs through February 7th. ALL members of The Column are eligible to vote in this final round. To be eligible you must register to vote and obtain a voting code. You can register and get your voting code by visiting here.
  • We ask that you respect the theatre’s neutrality when it come to which shows we support. We are proud of every show we produced last year and support all of them equally. You will certainly have your preferences and we are glad about that.
  • To be very clear, EVERYONE who has participated in a PlazaCo production during the year appears on the ballot in their corresponding category. No one on this initial ballot is an official nominee – this is the ballot that lists everyone in every category not only at PlazaCo, but throughout the Metroplex. Please don’t observe your name on this initial ballot and say you’ve been nominated because that would be innaccurate. The top six vote-getters from this list by members of the “Voting Academy” will be the official nominees which will be announced Sunday, January 26th.
  • We strongly urge you (and all PlazaCo patrons) to participate in the voting process fairly and honestly. Any dishonest activity as related to voting reflects negatively on the theatre. Please consider that when voting and act accordingly. We feel honored when our work is recognized, but only when it is achieved with integrity.
  • The official nominees will be announced on Sunday January 26th, the Column Awards themselves will be awarded at the Column Awards Gala on Monday February 24th. Our hope is that you will choose to attend this event with us. It is always a very enjoyable evening.
  1. Other than having to vote only for Plaza shows because I don’t get to see other theaters’ productions, I do vote only by merit, for the best of the Plaza. 🙂

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