PlazaNews: January 2014 at PlazaCo



  • CASH ON DELIVERY is Now Playing
  • KISS ME KATE Auditions are next Monday and Tuesday evening
  • Plaza Academy opens it’s Spring Semester next week
  • Plaza Theatre Company launches a re-designed website



CASH ON DELIVERY Plays Now Thru January 25th

The new year has just begun – and what better way to get the new year started than with some laughter and fun? Join us at PlazaCo for one of the truly funniest comedies we’ve ever presented. We promise you’ll leave with a smile.

A con artist has been duping the Government for years by claiming every type of benefit for fictitious people. When welfare investigators show up, he has to do some very quick thinking to bring these made up people to life. Fast paced British farce at it’s very finest.

Aaron-and-Kristy-T Jace-and-Jay Stacey-and-Russ Aaron-and-Kristy-M

*Photos taken by Stacey Greenawalt and Micah King

Want to know more about the show and meet the cast and crew? Than visit our new website here.


KISS ME KATE Auditions at PlazaCo


Auditions for PlazaCo’s production of KISS ME KATE are coming up next week. For more information about dates, times, what’s required AND to make an audition appointment, visit here.


Plaza Academy’s Spring 2014 Semester Starts Next Week

Horizontal PA Logo

The Spring 2014 Semester has arrived at Plaza Academy – and it promises to be our best yet. Over 25 classes are available for students ages 3 to 18 including all kinds of dance, vocal and acting classes. Think your youngster will enjoy performing? Then bring them to Plaza Academy for a fun time learning the art of dancing, singing or acting.

More information as well as registration is available by visiting here.


Plaza Theatre Company Has Launched A Re-Designed Website


Just in time for the New Year – PlazaCo has launched a newly re-designed website. The site is much more functional and interactive allowing for easy ticket purchasing and ease-of-use for finding out everything going on at PlazaCo. Check it out by visiting here.

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