The Official Cast List for THE KING & I at Plaza Theatre Company


Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official cast list for it’s upcoming production of THE KING & I. The show will open on January 31st and play thru March 8th. It is under the direction of Soni & Jodie Barrus with choreography by Kelli Price, musical direction by Soni Barrus, and stage management by Ruth Ann Warwick. The cast is:

Joel Lagrone – The King

Meredith Browning – Anna

Jay Cornils – Kralahome

Christia Caudle – Lady Thiang

Kate Vela – Tuptim

Jonathan Metting – Lun Tha

David Midkiff – Prince Chulalongkorn

Henry Cawood – Louis

Kendall Paredes – King’s Wife

Dawn Diyer – King’s Wife

Jordan Stone – King’s Wife

Wendy Murray – King’s Wife

Brittany Holcomb – King’s Wife

Debra Midkiff – King’s Wife

Angela Burkey – King’s Wife

Donna Moore King’s Wife

Ever Harrell – Child

I.J. Meachem – Child

Kaitie Bench – Child

Caroline Bennett – Child

Austen Stanton – Child

Eden Barrus – Children/Small House Ensemble

Miranda Barrus – Child

Rylee Mullen – Child

Emma Whitehorn – Children/Small House Ensemble

Harrison Cawood – Child

Victoria Burkey – Child

Paige Moore – Child

Megan Skinner – Child

Parker Skinner – Child

Hayden Cawood – Small House Ensemble / Interpreter

Rachel Browning – Small House Ensemble

Anna Looney – Small House Ensemble

Ben Midkiff – Small House Ensemble

Kathryn Balaban – Small House Ensemble

Suzi Hanford – Small House Ensemble/King’s Wife

Justin Diyer – Small House Ensemble

James Nicholas Hefner – Small House Ensemble

Maddie Almond – Small House Ensemble

Wendy Cariaga – Small House Ensemble

JaceSon Barrus – Capt. Orton /Sir Edward Ramsey

    • Ted
    • January 2nd, 2014

    No need for Joel to shave his head. The King is Mongkoot. The Prince is Choolahlongkone.

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