Casting News: The Official Cast List for BYE BYE BIRDIE at Plaza Theatre Company


Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official Cast List for it’s upcoming production of BYE BYE BIRDIE. The show is set to open June 28th and will play thru August 3rd. It will be under the direction of Tina and Tabitha Barrus with musical direction by Glen Turner, choreography by Faith Brown and Tabitha Barrus and stage management by Dave and Amy Sorter. Thanks to all who auditioned and congratulations to those who have been cast.

The cast is as follows: (double cast where noted, some doubles yet to be determined)

Albert Peterson-  Josh Leblo
Rose Alvarez- Caitlan Leblo
Conrad Birdie- Brandon McCormick
Kim MacAfee- Madeline Smith
Mr. MacAfee- Aaron Siler
Mrs. MacAfee- Emily Warwick
Randolph MacAfee- David Midkiff, Henry Cawood
Hugo Peabody- Parker Barrus
Mae Peterson- Trich Zaitoon
Ursula Merkle/ Female Dance Core 1- Scout Harrel, Molly Morgan
Male Dance Core 1- Story Harrell, Josh Cummins
Harvey Johnson/ Male Dance Core 2- Ben Midkiff
Female Dance Core 2- Anna Looney
Male Dance Core 3- Cameron Barrus
Female Dance Core 3/ Alice- Rachel Browning, Molly Morgan
Male Dance Core 4- Devlin Pollock
Female Dance Core 4/ Deborah Sue/ Penelope Ann, Suzie-  Nancy Lopez
Male Dance Core 5- Michael Sorter
Female Dance Core 5/ Nancy-  Tabitha Barrus
Mayor- Rich Cawood
Mayors Wife- Michelle Cawood
Mrs Merkle- Cherie Robinson
Mr Merkle- Joe Robinson
Gloria Rasputin- Tabitha Barrus
Margie/ Teen Ensemble- Kaila Saffle, Micah King
Helen/ Teen Ensemble- Stephanie Pollock
Children’s Ensemble/ Tap Feature- Eden Barrus
Children’s Ensemble/ Tap Feature- Emma Whitehorn
Children’s Ensemble- Mimi Barrus, Victoria Smith
Children’s Ensemble- Harrison Cawood, Dillon Grisham
Teen Ensemble/ Tap Dancer- Levi King, Hayden Cawood
Teen Ensemble/ Tap Dancer- Madison Heaps, Lydia Jilge
Teen Ensemble- Nolan Moralez
Teen Ensemble- Melody Henderson, Bailey Steele
Adult Ensemble- Dawn Diyer
Adult Ensemble- Stacy Greenwalt King
Adult Ensemble/ Maud, Reporter- Justin Diyer
Adult Ensemble- Crystal Todd
Adult Ensemble- Reeca Henderson

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