[TITLE OF SHOW] APROPOS at Plaza Theatre Company


[TITLE OF SHOW] APROPOS has entered it’s second week of production at Plaza Theatre Company – and it is proving to be the unique and completely original musical that PlazaCo producers had hoped it would be when they scheduled it for the 2013 Season. For every patron who tells us they found the story “strange” or “weird”, we have ten patrons saying they love that we’re presenting something completely “unique”, “new” and “modern”. [TITLE OF SHOW] APROPOS is unlike any show yet produced at Plaza Theatre Company – and we think that’s a good thing.

Of course we love the classics here at PlazaCo, and we’ll continue putting our heart and soul into bringing our patronage shows of the style and quality of  THE SOUND OF MUSIC – which was a huge hit here last month. But we think that there is a place on our stage for newer works, and with [TITLE OF SHOW] APROPOS we’ve brought something completely new and unique to our patronage. According to Jeremy Osborne of The Column by John Garcia:

“It is worth the drive to Cleburne to see [Title of Show] Apropos no matter where in the metroplex you call home. The production features fantastic performances that keep the audience engaged. Plaza Theatre Company has a reputation for putting on some of the highest quality shows in the region, and with this musical they continue building that reputation.”

Below are some fabulous photos of the show taken by Stacey Greenawalt King. Enjoy the photos, then give us a call at 817-202-0600 or visit www.plaza-theatre.com to reserve.

IMG_5980 IMG_5825 IMG_6082 IMG_5811 IMG_5936 IMG_5915 IMG_6015 IMG_6071 IMG_5836 IMG_4754a

  1. Wonderful show. Great acting and great voices. Lots of laughs.

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