Plaza Academy’s Expanded Fall Semester Is Right Around The Corner

Plaza Academy has been a blazing success at Plaza Theatre Company. Since expanding the program into a new facility at the start of 2012, interest and attendance has skyrocketed. Our first full semester in the spring of 2012 culminated in a phenomenal recital and our Summer Camps (all 3 of them) were an extraordinary achievement by our students and teachers.

(The photos below are from the Spring 2012 Plaza Academy Showcase taken by photographer Ginny Rodgers.)

Dance, Sing, Act, INSPIRE!

Our Plaza Academy programs offer a variety of courses for youth ages 3 to 18. They include courses in a wide range of dance disciplines, vocal performance and acting with classes for every level of experience and ability. Our teachers are practiced at working with young people of all ages and bring a great deal of ability to the Academy.

Students will enjoy a 14 week program concluding with a recital performance called the Plaza Academy Showcase. To accommodate greater demand, we have added more classes for the Fall 2012 Semester.


Registration is simple and quick. Simply visit this link to get started: Plaza Academy Registration

Or you can call the Plaza Academy office at 817-202-0601 any time during regular business hours. You can also find out more information about Plaza Academy by visiting the Plaza Academy website

There are second student and second class discounts available as well as a simple payment plan. AND anyone registering before the 16th of August will have the $25 registration fee waived.

Classes and Descriptions

Below is an updated listing of available classes for the Fall 2012 Semester:

Beginning Show Stoppers

Age: 8-18
Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

Discover the magic of Musical Theatre in this introductory class. Focusing on dance and music, this course assists students in developing their performance skills. Students will join with the advanced Show Stoppers class in producing a short musical or musical revue! (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Advanced Show Stoppers

Age: 8-18 (Teacher approved admission)
Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

Continuing to focus on dance and music, this course will inspire students to begin refining their Musical Theatre skills. As they work to produce their short musical or musical revue, the students will enjoy the challenge of advanced choreography, dialogue, harmony and character development. (90 mins)
Tuition: $225

Acting for Teens

Age: 11-18
Instructor: Camille Shaw

Teens will love our challenging, but fun, approach to acting. Focusing on a one-act play, students will grow in character development, script analysis and stage presence as they work to produce the show. (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Vocal Performance

Age: 12-18
Instructor: Aaron Siler

Students will enjoy the encouraging atmosphere of this group style voice lesson. Technique is key as each student prepares a pop song of their choice. (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Mini Dance Bugs

Age: 3-5

Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

Our youngest dancers will be introduced to the basic concepts of tap and ballet in this playful class. Students will learn beginning technique through simple songs, creative movement and rhythms. (45 mins)
Tuition: $175

Dance Bugs

Age: 6-7

Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

This tap/ballet combo introduces basic concepts and terms in a fun imaginative way. Students will learn basic terminology, short combinations and correct placement while nurturing the imaginative atmosphere. (45 mins)
Tuition: $175

Tap Stars

Age: 8-11

Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

As a Tap Star, students will have a blast putting the fundamentals of tap to work. Over the semester they will learn new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations in cute and fun routines. (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Tappin’ Teens

Age: 12-18

Instructor: Tabitha Barrus

In this high-energy class, teens start with the basics to build solid tap technique in a fun and supportive environment. Students will incorporate steps, rhythms and combinations into routines, danced to some of their favorite music. (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Ballet Stars

Age: 8-11

Instructor: Faith Brown

This is a class for students who are new or returning to ballet. Students will learn ballet fundamentals and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility. (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Ballet for Teens

Age: 12-18

Instructor: Faith Brown

Teens will enjoy learning the basics of ballet while developing confidence, mental concentration, physical coordination and grace. This is a class for students who are new or returning to ballet. (60 mins)
Tuition: $175

Audition Prep.

Age: 13+

Instructor: Tina Barrus

Covering different aspects and tips for auditioning, this course gives students the tools to feel more prepared and confident with auditioning. By the end of the 14 weeks students will have 2-4 songs and monologues prepared for auditioning. Students will also be assisted in preparing an audition book and resume. Head shots will be taken by a professional photographer as well. (60 min)
Tuition: $225 (includes headshots)

Private Lessons

Instructor: Various

Plaza academy offers private voice, acting, piano, and a variety of other musical instruments. Our qualified teachers will work one-on-one with your student, helping them learn and grow in their individual are of study.
(30-60 mins)
Tuition: Determined by Instructor

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 817-202-0601 or visit the Plaza Academy website today.

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