The official Cast List for Plaza Theatre Company’s production of THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE

Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce the official Cast List of the upcoming production of THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE. The production will be under the direction of Taffy Geisel. The show will play the Plaza from April 20th thru May 12th.

The Cast List is: (Double cast where noted)

The Happiest Millionaire Cast List

Anthony J. Drexel Biddle – Luke Hunt

Mrs. Biddle – Joann Gracey, Katy Wood

Cordy Biddle – Tabitha Barrus, Gretta Rebstock

Mrs. Duke – Tonya Laree

Emma – Stacy Greenawalt King

Aunt Mary Drexel – Trich Zaitoon

Lucy Rittenhouse – Teran Jones, Brittany Reese

John Lawless, the Butler – Jay Cornils (double TBA)

Angier Duke – Andrew Guzman, David Phillips

Tony Livingston – Daniel Robinson

Livingston Biddle – Jeff Loy

Joe Mancuso – Devlin Pollock

Spike O’Malley – Michael Lain

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