Audition Announcement – THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE

All roles are open for Plaza Theatre Company’s upcoming production of THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE. The show will be PlazaCo’s 53rd produced since opening in the spring of 2007. Here are the details about the upcoming audition.


Monday February 20th, 2012 from 7 to 10pm

Callbacks are Tuesday February 21st

Directed by Taffy Geisel


Click here to make an audition appointment:


Auditioners will be asked to read cold from selected portions of the script provided at the audition. Each auditioner should plan to spend about five minutes auditioning for the Director. A call back audition will be held on Tuesday February 21st, 7 to 10pm. Those auditioners who the director wishes to see further will be invited to the call back audition which may last up to three hours time.


Suggested by the real life of Cordelia Drexel Biddle. “Life’s a pretty precious and wonderful thing. But you can’t sit down and let it lap around you . . . you have to plunge into it! You have to dive through it! You can’t save it, you can’t store it up, you can’t hoard it in a vault. You’ve got to feel it, you’ve got to taste it; you’ve got to use it. And the more you use, the more you have . . . that’s the miracle of it!” So proclaims the wealthy, life-loving Anthony Drexel Biddle. It’s September, 1916, and war is raging in Europe. The Biddles, a wealthy family in Philadelphia, are preparing to do their part. Father, an eccentric, keeps alligators in the conservatory as he runs his boxing matches and the Biddle Bible Club. His sons are chomping at the bit to get into uniform and go blast the Kaiser. And Cordy, his daughter, is in love with a most unsuitable young man, whose high society mother would rather die than cut the apron strings. Anthony’s wife is trying to ride the waves created by these intense personalities, whom she loves very much. Are all trying to keep together as the tides of war overflow from across the sea.The Biddles are a funny, passionate family, who box their way into each others hearts. Facing the American involvement in WWI, they argue, dance and laugh their way through the life changes that the emerging war is causing them to face.

(All Roles Are Available)


Anthony Drexel Biddle – Father. Eccentric, energetic, entirely his own person. Full of the wonder of life. Very rich. Strong opinions, quick to act, still very much in love with his wife, and uber protective of his three beloved children. He finds himself very torn between wanting his children to become their own persons, and keeping them safe at home, under his unpredictable, but watchful eye. Strong comedic timing. Willing to learn to box. 45 – 60

Angier Duke – dreamer who falls in love with Cody. He is the heir to a tobacco fortune, but has no interest in sitting in a board room. He is in love with automobiles, and wants to go to Detroit, to be part of the exciting new industry. He has not yet gotten out from his mother’s thumb, so he must decide whether his love for Cordy can stand up to his mother’s determination to run his life. Must be willing to learn Jiu jitsu. Older teen to young adult

Livingston Biddle – beloved son, ready to take make his mark on life, and do his part to fight the evil in Europe – but avoids his sister, who is a far superior boxer. Wants to fight the Kaiser, but must stand up to his father’s desire to keep him safe. Must learn basic boxing. Older teen to young 20s

Tony Biddle – funny son who becomes the athletic hero of his school – who also has felt the sting of his sister’s superior boxing skills. He, too, wants to fight the evil in Europe, and he also must take his stand as an adult. Must learn basic boxing. Older teen to young 20s

John Lawless – the Butler. Dry wit, very smart, very suave, never even blinks at the outrageous things the Biddles say and do. Very smooth, takes everything in his stride. His answer to Anthony’s hollers? ‘You yelled, Sir?’ Adult.

Joe Mancuso – college drop out who Mr. Biddle takes under his wing. Former football champ – becomes a faithful follower of Biddle’s life affirming philosophies. Older teen, young adult.

Charlie Taylor – would-be suitor of Cordy’s, who can’t box, so is scared off of pursuing this lovely young lass. Older teen, young adult.

O’Malley – a boxing champ friend of Anthony’s, a little addle-headed from taking so many direct punches – but a great supporter of the Biddle Bible Club. Adult


Cordy Biddle – beautiful, rebellious, vivacious, romantic dreamer of a daughter. A top notch boxer who can beat the tar out of her brothers. Falls head over heels for Angier Duke, whose grandfather founded Duke University. She has enough spunk and spark to be willing to buck her family – to leave the comforts of Philadelphia and go with Angier all the way to Detroit. But is she willing to take second chair to Angier’s dominating mother? Must learn some boxing. Older teen.

Mrs. Cordelia Biddle – Cordy’s mother, Anthony’s adoring wife – the true north of this family of strong personalities. Cordelia is still passionately in love with her husband – doesn’t mind alligators roaming the house, and wants her children to pursue their dreams, and be all they can be. A gracious hostess, she greets each trial with humor and grace. Early 40s to early 50s

Aunt Mary Drexel – Anthony’s aunt – so dreaded that the family scatters whenever she approaches. Opinionated, domineering, yet very much a supporter of the Biddle clan – a ferocious opponent to anyone who attacks her beloved family. Mature woman

Mrs. Benjamin Duke – Angier’s mother. Extremely wealthy, extremely conscious of propriety, and idolizes her social status. Determined that her son will live life only as she dictates it, she sets out to destroy his relationship with Cordy, whom she deems to be entirely unsuitable. She is quite a match for the sharp tongue of Aunt Mary. Mature woman

Cousin Lucy Rittenhouse – gossipy, jealous, cousin. Wants so much to be as free and full of life as Cordy – and to have so many suitors – that she has to try to cut everyone down to her size. Flirty, flighty, but very conscious of wealth, and puts great store in doing everything according to ‘society’s’ expectations. Older teen, young 20s

Emma – the dedicated cook, a devoted family retainer. Funny, sassy, faithful to this very eccentric family, ready at all hours to feed whichever of her beloved children is hungry, or in need. With John keeps the house running smoothly, making sure that everyone’s needs are met.

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