Wanna be better prepared at AUDITIONS? Join the Plaza Academy AUDITION PREP Class (for all ages)


Do you dread auditions? Do you wish you could walk in the door with absolute confidence in yourself, no matter the situation? Ore you preparing for college scholarship auditions?

Then we’ve got a great course for you at Plaza Academy. During our 14 week Spring Semester, we are offering and in-depth AUDITION PREP course. By the end of the semester, each student will be prepared with 4 songs, 4 monologues, headshots and the know-how to succeed in any audition situation.

This class is available to ALL AGES, as well as to those who are interested in succeeding at every level of performance from community to professional productions.

The acting instructor for the AUDITION PREP class is Tina Barrus. She has served as the Director of Education at Plaza Theatre Company as well as has co-Directed several of Plaza’s productions with husband JaceSon.

The vocal coach for the course will be Bree Cockerell. She has Musically Directed several Plaza Theatre Company productions. Her philosophy of vocal coaching is as follows:

“In each lesson we will focus on good vocal technique, how to warm up, auditioning practice and techniques, work on appropriate songs as well as those that will challenge the student. We will discuss how to get the most out of your practice time as well as how to work with an accompanist, the lifeline for a singer! Vocal health will be covered as well as hints for staying healthy including what to do if “your throat hurts”. Important concepts such as proper vowels, deep breathing and song interpretation are emphasized.

Singing is a process and we will always be working towards your best voice. The most important goal in a voice lesson is to have fun and make progress!”

Further, students will be provided the opportunity of getting new and up-to-date headshots with renowned local photographer Ginny Rodgers.

The 14 week Semester for the class begins TODAY, though anyone who wants to join the class late can pro-rate the tuition.

Classes at Plaza Academy have been a smashing success at the new Studio. Over 100 students have signed up in the 13 classes we are offering. We are also very excited about this new class at Plaza Academy. We hope you’ll consider improving your audition skills by joining this very unique class. Give us a call at 817-202-0600 to get the space reserved.

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