Announcing the official Cast List for Plaza Theatre Company’s production of Fiddler on the Roof

We were overwhelmed by the sheer level of talent demonstrated by those who auditioned for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Thank you to all who came and shared your talents with us. We are ecstatic about the amazing cast we will have assembled for the show. The official Cast List is below and those who are double cast are noted. The casts have not yet been separated into performance nights – once that is finalized, we will share that information here. Currently the doubles are listed alphabetically. Until then , here is the Cast List for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Plaza Theatre Company:

Fiddler on the Roof Cast List

Tevye              Burl Proctor / Aaron Siler

Golde               Judy Keller / Samantha Parrish

Lazar Wolf      Jon Kennedy / Al Mayo

Yente               Christia Caudle / Stacey King

Motel              Jerry Downey

Perchik            Andrew Guzman

Fyedka             Auston McIntosh

Tseitel              Jessica Astorga / Tabitha Barrus

Hodel                Katrina Nicholas / Monica Music

Chava               Julianna Keller / Taylor O’Toole

Shprintze           Brooke Boyd / Paige Moore

Chava Dance   Lulu Ashley / Kylee Scarborough

Eden Barrus

Mimi Barrus

Mordcha         JaceSon Barrus

Avram             Greg Burton / Corey Davis

Mendel            Mark McKee / David Phillips

The Rabbi               James Long

Nachum          Ric Holly

Constable       Jay Cornils

Yussel              Neal Abbott

Fruma-Sarah    Caroline Rivera

Grandma Tseitel       Soni Barrus

Shaindel           Ruth Ann Warwick

Bottle Dancer     Mark McKee / David Phillips

Bottle Dancers / Russians        Devlin Pollock

Mitchell Moore

Ben Midkiff

Villagers –

Kristi Taylor

Rachel Daniels

Dana Siler / Kennedy Styron

Julia Ekpo

Hannah Midkiff

Scout Harrell / Mary Vickers

Jenny Lynn Davis

Emily Warwick

Keah Kenney

Breanna Levac / Erika Pope

Lloyd Ekpo

Solomon Abah

Brendan Lane

David Midkiff

Braden Davis / Micah Ekpo

Amber Mayo

Caleb Midkiff

Eden Ashley / Abigail Scarborough

Ellie Ashley / Suzi Hanford

Piper Robinson


FIDDLER ON THE ROOF will open at Plaza Theatre Company on Friday February 3rd and play thru March 10th. Tickets are available by calling the Plaza Box Office at 817-202-0600 and further information about the theatre and the show are available by visiting the Plaza website at

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