Official Press Release of Plaza Theatre Company’s production of ANNIE

Plaza Theatre Company – PRESS RELEASE

Plaza Theatre Company to present America’s Happiest Musical ANNIE, opening November 18th

November 10th, 2011

Plaza Theatre Company is proud to announce the opening of ANNIE on November 18th, 2011. The production will play Plaza’s newly renovated theatre at 111 S. Main Street in Cleburne, TX opening November 18th and playing through December 23rd, 2011. The show will be the 49th produced by Plaza Theatre Company since it’s inception in November of 2006.

In December of 2007, Plaza Theatre Company presented it’s very first Christmas production which was titled “A Christmas Carol”. The theatre had opened its doors in April of that year and was presenting it’s 7th production of the season with “A Christmas Carol”. The show was the first to begin playing to sell-out audiences for Plaza and the production solidified PlazaCo as a great destination for holiday enjoyment in Cleburne.

Fast forward four years later and Plaza is once again on the brink of an important milestone with its 2011 Christmas production. This year’s show is the Broadway musical based on the popular comic strip about a little orphaned redhead named “Annie”. Theatregoers will of course recognize “Annie” from it’s popular Broadway run as well as the numerous professional revivals of the show. In fact, “Annie” enjoys the designation as the single most produced play in musical theatre history.

Often called ‘America’s Happiest Musical’, Annie tells the story of a spunky red-headed orphan who longs to leave the orphanage and find her real parents. When Billionaire Oliver Warbucks invites Annie to spend Christmas at his mansion, Annie jumps at the chance to find her family, with the help of Warbucks promise of a $50,000 reward of course. But when the drunken Miss Hannigan and her con-artist brother try to make off with the reward money, the good guys win, the bad guys get caught and Annie finds love in the arms of her adopted ‘Daddy’ Warbucks. What musical could be happier than that?

“We wanted to present something special to mark the milestone of our 49th production”, stated JaceSon Barrus, Plaza’s Artistic Director and Co-Producer. “And Annie is definitely the perfect fit. The holidays just seem to be a little brighter with this uplifting story of courage and hope. Everyone needs to have a little dose of Annie’s positive attitude sometimes, and what better time than at Christmas to remember what it’s really all about”.

The production boasts a large cast headed by two young ladies (Rachel Browning and Taylor O’Toole) who are double cast in the role of Annie. They are supported by a cast of 20 young ladies who play the orphans at Miss Hannigan’s Orphanage. Daddy Warbucks is played on alternating nights by Tyler Cox and Jay Lewis with Grace Farrell played by Jill Baker and Denise Fisher. The boozy Miss Hannigan is played by Darcy Farrington and Caroline Rivera with the role of Franklin Delano Roosevelt taken by Doug Henry. The cast features a large group of supporting performers and chorus members as well.

The full Cast List of Annie is: (Double Cast where noted)

Orphans –
Annie – Rachel Browning, Taylor O’Toole
July – Bryanna Levac, Hannah Tarron
Duffy – Khloe Rooke, Emme Sullivan
Pepper – Noelle Mitchell, Taylor O’Toole
Kate – Julie Hall
Tessie – Eden Barrus, Grace Mitchell
Molly – Mimi Barrus, Kylie Scarborough
Betsy – Brooke Boyd, Lena Moralez
Ruthie – Brynn Fisher, Paige Moore
Corrie – Katherine Balaban, Tess Scarborough
Dee Dee – Allyson Orr, Annie Rheuark
Warbucks – Tyler Cox, Jay Lewis
Grace Farrell – Jill Baker, Denise Fisher
Miss Hannigan – Darcy Farrington, Caroline Rivera
Rooster – JaceSon Barrus
Lily – Tina Barrus
Mr Bundles – Jay Lewis, Kyle Scarborough
Lt. Ward – Sam Arias
Apple Seller – T’Keyah Adams
Dog Catcher – Devlin Pollock
Eddie – Doug Henry

Homeless –
JaceSon Barrus, Tina Barrus, Kyle Scarborough/Jay Lewis, Terrie Neilson/Stacy King, Kennedy Styron, Shauna Lewis, Tabitha Barrus/Caitlan Davis, Suzi Hanford, Hannah Midkiff, Lauren Donoghue/Bailey Davis, T’Keyah Adams, Emily Warwick, Ben Midkiff, Devlin Pollock, Josh Leblo/Drew Sifford, Eduardo Aguilar, Doug Henry, Parker Barrus, Robby Adams, Anthony Adams

Star-to-be – Emily Warwick
Mrs. Greer – Stacey Greenawalt King, Terrie Nielsen
Mrs Pugh – Hannah Midkiff
Drake – Jay Lewis, Tyler Scarborough
Cecille – Kennedy Styron
Sophie – Tabitha Barrus, Caitlin Davis
Annette – Suzi Hanford

Servants –
Hannah Midkiff, Lauren Donoghue/Bailey Davis, T’Keyah Adams, Emily Warwick, Ben Midkiff, Devlin Pollock, Eduardo Aguilar

Connie Boylan – Hannah Midkiff
Ronnie Boylan – Emily Warwick
Bonnie Boylan – Tabitha Barrus/Caitlan Davis
Bert Healy – Josh Leblo, Joey Geisel
Jimmy Johnson – Eduardo Aguilar
Fran McCracken – Suzy Hanford
Sound Effects Man – Devlin Pollock
Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Doug Henry
Hull – Jay Lewis, Kyle Scarborough
Harold Ickes – Josh Leblo, Joey Geisel
Morganthau – Sam Arias
Frances Perkins – Stacey Greenawalt King, Terrie Nielsen
Louis Howe – Eduardo Aguilar

The production is under the Direction of Taffy Geisel with Musical Direction by Joey Geisel and Choreography by Tabitha Barrus. The show will open on Friday November 18th at 7:30 and will play every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening thru December 23rd at 7:30 with Saturday matinees every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Additional performances will be given on Monday December 5th at 7:30pm, Monday December 12th at 7:30pm, and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday December 20th thru 22nd at 7:30pm. There will be no performance on Thanksgiving Day November 24th. Ticket prices are $15 for Adults, $13 for Seniors and Students and $12 for children. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 817-202-0600 or visiting the Plaza Box Office between the hours of 10am and 6pm Monday thru Saturday. Further information is available by visiting the Plaza website at

    • kaygirl22
    • December 6th, 2011

    loved the annie play. had a friend in it.

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