Audition Announcement – ANNIE

Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce auditions for it’s upcoming production of ANNIE. The production will be under the direction of Taffy Geisel with Musical Direction by Joey Geisel and Choreography by Tabitha Barrus. The audition is being held here at Plaza Theatre Company on Tuesday September 20th and Wednesday September 21st. Those who choose to audition need only to make an appointment on one of the available two dates. An audition appointment is required for all auditioners. Audition appointments can be made by visiting

Often called ‘America’s Happiest Musical’, Annie tells the story of a spunky red-headed orphan who longs to leave the orphanage and find her real parents. When Billionaire Oliver Warbucks invites Annie to spend Christmas at his mansion, Annie jumps at the chance to find her family, with the help of Warbucks promise of a $50,000 reward of course. But when the drunken Miss Hannigan and her con-artist brother try to make off with the reward money, the good guys win, the bad guys get caught and Annie finds love in the arms of her adopted ‘Daddy’ Warbucks. What musical could be happier than that?


Ages 5 – 15, to look 13 and under.

Should be 5’ tall and under

Dance training not required, but a distinct plus.

Prepare 24 bars of ‘Tomorrow’ or ‘Maybe’ from the Broadway version of ‘Annie.’

Will be asked to improvise a brief situation an orphan might find herself in.

Callbacks will be on Saturday, Sept 24 at 9am. Will include a dance combo. Please wear the same outfit to both auditions. (It is to your advantage to do so)

Roles Available:

Annie – must be able to play an 11 year old
Molly – the tiniest
Possible others


Prepare 24 bars of a Broadway song, in the style of ‘Annie’. It is acceptable to sing a song from the show. Need a strong, creative ensemble, with a variety of heights, builds, ethnicities, and vocal ranges.

Callbacks will be on Saturday, Sept 24 at 9am. Will include cold reads, and possible dance combo

Roles Available –

Miss Hannigan – The orphans’ lying, cheating caretaker
Rooster Hannigan – her felon younger brother
Lily St. Regis – dumb blonde cohort of Rooster
Bundles – the laundry man
Lt. Ward – the local policeman
Daddy Warbucks – millionaire who takes Annie in for Christmas
Grace Farrell – his lovely assistant
Drake the Butler – keeps Warbucks household running
Mrs. Pugh – Warbucks’ household help
Mrs. Greer – Warbucks’ household help
Cecile – Warbucks’ household help
Annette – Warbucks household help
President Roosevelt
His Cabinet –
Harold Ickes
Frances Perkins – female
Cordell Hull
Henry Morganthau
Louis Howe – Roosevelt’s Secret Service Man
Bert Healy – charismatic radio emcee
Jimmy Johnson – the Masked Radio announcer
The Boylen Sisters – three female singers of tight harmony
Fred McCracken
The Sound Effects Person
Apple Seller
Al – a homeless person
Strong Ensemble to play residents of Hooverville, citizens of New York City, other servants
And SANDY, THE DOG. Yep, need a real sandy colored dog – well 2, even the dog may be double cast

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