Plaza Theatre Company is pleased to announce auditions for it’s upcoming production of TREASURE ISLAND. The production will be under the direction of Aaron and Milette Siler. An audition appointment is required for all auditioners. Audition appointments can be made by visiting

This is a face paced adaptation of one of the most famous adventure novels ever written. This production moves quickly with 15 fight sequences and other physically demanding tasks required by the actors. Stage Combat experience helpful. Due to the literary nature of the script, strong language skills are also needed.

Cold readings will be provided at the audition. Each auditioner should plan to spend about five minutes auditioning for the Directors. A call back audition will be held on Wednesday July 13th from 7pm to 10pm. Those auditioners who the directors wish to see further will be invited to the call back audition which may last up to three hours time.

10 M. 2 F.

The script is written for a majority of the play to be performed by 12 actors with each one playing two or more characters except for the actor playing Jim Hawkins.

Actor One – Jim Hawkins
Actor Two – Long John Silver, Jim’s Father
Actor Three – Capt. Flint, Dr. Livesey
Actor Four – Squire Trelawney, Job O’Brien, The Bailiff
Actor Five – Capt. Smollett, Black Dog
Actor Six – Rev. Mainwaring, Jemmy Rathbone, Ben Gunn, Josiah Bland
Actor Seven (Female) – Jim’s Mother, Anne Bonny
Actor Eight (Female) – Widow Drews, Justice Death
Actor Nine – Israel Hands, Blind Pew, Baliff’s son, Calico Jack
Actor Ten – George Merry, Bailiff’s Son
Actor Eleven – Ezekiel Hazard, Tom Morgan, Cut Purse, Inn Guest
Actor Twelve – Billy Bones, Bristol Sailor

– Patrons at the Inn
– Boy with Barrow
– Beggar
– Lady at Dock
– Town Drunk
– Customers at Admiral Benbow Inn
– Sailors at Bristol Docks

Detailed Character Descriptions:
Jim Hawkins – The 14 year old protagonist of the show. This part, to be played by a 13-15 year old boy or
tom boyish girl, carries the show. The story is told from this character’s point of view.

Long John Silver – Lead – A pirate with magnificent geniality. Courageous, quick, and strong. Walks
around on one leg with a crutch with agility. We see in the story why he is the leader of this pirate crew.

Jim’s Mother – A strong woman that runs the Inn and raises Jim by herself when Jim’s father leaves.
Protects Jim during a deadly game of “blind man’s buff” with Blind Pew.

Jim’s Father – Strong loving man that reluctantly leaves his family to go to London so that he can be
accessible to the best doctors to cure him of an illness.

Jemmy Rathbone – Pirate – Sly and filthy. Tries to run away with the treasure map unsuccessfully.

Black Dog – Pirate – Delivers the black spot to Bones. Acts with civility but can turn into a nasty Pirate at a
moments notice. Has a cutlass duel with Bones.

Israel Hands – Pirate – Not the smartest pirate. Let’s his excitement get the better of him. Ends up being
shot and falling off the mast of a ship.

Ezekiel Hazard – Pirate – Superstitious Pirate. Gives Silver the black spot from a page in the Bible. Does
not think things through.

Job O’Brien – Pirate – Plays a deadly game of poker, and loses.

Justice Death – Pirate – Male or female.

George Merry – Pirate – Has illusions of grandeur. Wants to overtake Silver but is always thwarted by
Sliver’s cunning.

Captain James Flint – Pirate – Original captain of the crew of Pirates. Seems sweet and debonair but is evil
to the core.

Anne Bonny – Female Pirate – Irish pirate that holds her own.

The Bailiff – A patron of the Inn, just trying to enjoy his dinner.

Reverend Mainwaring – Timid patron of the Inn.

Dr. Livesey – Educated patron of the Inn. Stands up to Billy Bones like a true gentleman.

Billy Bones – Pirate – Strong, heavy, drunken pirate. Loud and forceful.

Blind Pew – Pirate – Described as a small hunched man out of a nightmare. Blind. Fights with a gnarled
and bent stick.

Squire Trelawney – An excitable and loveable middle-aged man of ample means. Excited for the adventure
of looking for buried treasure

Josiah Bland – Pirate – Is the sometimes voice of reason on the Pirate crew.

Tom Morgan – A young sailor that decides to not join Silver’s crew with a grave consequence.

Captain Smollet – No-nonsense British Merchant seaman. Hired by Trelawney to run the Hispaniola

Ben Gunn – Former pirate left to rot on Skeleton Island by Captain Flint. Living by himself on a deserted
island has made him crazy. Quick, moves like a rabbit, with an intimate knowledge of the island.

The play is an adaptation by Ken Ludwig of the original book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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