Today’s Poll Question – YOUR Favorites

Our current production, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, is the 42nd show we’ve produced since beginning in April of 2007. Of course we’ve grown since those humble beginnings almost 4 years ago (we celebrate PlazaCo’s 4th birthday next week) and we know which shows have been the most popular from a sales standpoint. We also know which shows have won awards and garnered praise from the artistic community. AND each of us (the JTAM) have our own personal favorites as well. But since we’re here on the eve of unveiling our 2012 season, as well as the show that will be a wonderful milestone for us, our 5oth production, we thought we’d like to hear what y’all think.

Please realize we are equally proud of every show we’ve put in front of Plaza audiences, but we’re sure you have a few that stand out as favorite to you – so lets hear ’em.

Listed below in random order, are all 42 shows (minus any we’ve repeated) since we opened. Please choose your 3 favorites in each category (we’ve separated Comedies and Musicals into 2 different categories). Please only vote if you’re trying to help us out with honest answers – playing around with the poll messes up the data. Thank you for your help.


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