It’s official y’all. MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES is the most successful January show in Plaza history! And there are plenty of reasons why. It could be the hilarious and heartwarming script. It might be the fabulous direction and the phenomenal cast. It might be because of the exceptional critical praise of the show. Perhaps it’s because Plaza Theatre Company was just the honored recipient of “Best Theatre Group” on WFAA’s A-List. Or maybe it’s because the secret is out and our little theatre in Cleburne is growing up a little.

Whatever the reason, MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES is closing this weekend. And if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, THERE’S STILL TIME. Tickets are still available but going quick. Call or come by for your seats today.

Here’s a sample of some of the critical praise for the show:

Comfortable as an old shoe, with foot-stomping funny lines, a villainess who is a real heel, and some good ol’ boys to boot, “Man with the Pointed Toes” is the enjoyable — although predictable — current presentation of the Plaza Theatre Company. It runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through Jan. 29 at the Plaza Theater in Cleburne. — Paul Gnadt of The Star Group

Aw, shucks, I reckon it’s worth the drive to Cleburne to see a sweet, funny show that you can take the kids and granny to without worryin’ about the content. It ain’t Shakespeare, but it sure duz make ya smile! — Carol Anne Gordon of John Garcia’s The Column

And here are some fun photos:

The Plaza Box Office is open Monday thru Saturday from 10 to 6pm and can be reached by calling 817-202-0600. Make plans to catch MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES before it’s gone.

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