The cast list for Plaza Theatre Company’s production of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL

Below is the Cast List for Plaza Theatre Company’s production of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL. We were overwhelmed by the level of talent at the audition and thank everyone who came and shared their talents with us. We are also thrilled with this stellar cast. The company for THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is: (double cast where noted)

Percy – David Cook

Marguerite – Meredith Browning, Christine Atwell

Chauvelin – Ben Philips

Marie – Bree Cockerell, Caroline Rivera

Ozzy – Jonathan Metting

Dewhurst – Luke Hunt

Farleigh – JaceSon Barrus

Elton – Aaron Siler

Hal – Jay Lewis

Armand – Joey Geisel

Mercier – Chris Seil

Coupeau – Devlin Pollock

Jessop – James Long

Tussaud – Solomon Abah

Prince of Wales / Robesierre / Soldier – Bob Beck

St. Cyr / Soldier – Mike Scarlett

Antionette / Abigail – Milette Siler

Genevieve / Catherine – Daron Cockerell

Jacqueline / Elizabeth – Tabitha Barrus

Monique / Emma – Jill Baker

Renee / Felicity – Monica Glenn

Odette / Jane – Tina Barrus, Betsy Wilson

Cupid / Soldier – Auston McIntosh

Soldier – Justin Olivas

Chorus – Sarah Scarlett, Cameron Barrus, Eden Barrus

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