A Christmas Carol at Plaza Theatre Company – Cast List

Hello y’all,

We had so many unbelievably talented folks audition for A Christmas Carol this year that we could hardly believe it. Thank you so much to this wonderful group of folks for sharing your talents with us. Making casting decisions was extremely difficult, but we’ve reached a decision and the Cast List for the 2010 production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL at Plaza Theatre Company is as follows:

A CHRISTMAS CAROL at Plaza Theatre Company – Cast List

Ebeneezer Scrooge – Steve Lindsay

Dickens / Fred – Michael Hatch, Luke Hunt

Fred’s Wife – Susan Garlington

Bob Cratchit – Greg Burton

Mrs. Cratchit – Christine Atwell

Marley / Undertaker / DQ – Jon Kennedy

Charity Man 1 / David / DQ – Mike Scarlet

Charity Man 2 / Topper – JaceSon Barrus

Turkey Boy – Nolan Moralez

Past / Poor Wife / DQ – Jill Baker

Boy Scrooge / Frederick Cratchit – Cameron Barrus

Little Fan – Eden Barrus, Hilary Garlington

Mrs. Fezziwig / Georgina / DQ – Cherie Robinson

Elizabeth Fezz – Jillian Turner, Mary Vickers

Leticia Fezz – Stefanie Pollock, Dana Siler

Teen Scrooge – Devlin Pollock

Dick Wilkins – Parker Barrus

Belle / Dora – Annalee Herron

Young Scrooge – Poor Husband / DQ – Kelly Talley

Present / Old Joe / Poulterer / DQ – Aaron Siler

Topper’s Girl / Violinist – Betsy Wilson

Charwoman / DQ – Kimberly Mickle

Laundress / DQ – Tabitha Barrus, Marcie Allison

Tiny Tim – David Midkiff

Martha Cratchit – Katie Rodgers

Peter Cratchit – John Hunt, Caleb Midkiff

Belinda Cratchit – Sarah Scarlet, Dora Hunt

Carol Cratchit – Lauren Atwell, Brooke Boyd

Want – Mimi Barrus

Ignorance – Jacob Carver

The production will open on November 26th and play through December 23rd. We hope to see y’all out for this wonderful Christmas tradition.

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