AUDITIONS! – Over the River and Through the Woods – Great Actors Needed!

I know we already put out information about tonight’s audition for OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS, however this is a follow-up to emphasize how wonderful these parts are and how quality actors are needed to make this show fly.

Plaza Theatre Company is delighted to announce auditions for Over The River And Through The Woods on Tuesday, August 31st. Auditions will last from 7 to 10pm and are by appointment only. Those auditioning will only need to spend 10 to 15 minutes auditioning for the Director and the Producers. Materials for the audition will be provided at the audition.

The play calls for a tight cast of seasoned performers with exceptional comic timing and appeal. Required are two sets of Italian grandparents, a young man in his middle thirties and an attractive young woman mid to late twenties. All roles are open and Plaza producers as well as the show’s director Kevin Poole, are looking to fill the roles with talented and experiences performers who can bring the wit and charm of the script to life through these wonderful characters.

Audition appointments, as well as more detailed information about the audition, the play, and the open roles are available by visiting

Whether you are a performer who has already graced the Plaza stage or a perfomer new to Plaza, we encourage you to consider auditioning for Over The River And Through The Woods. We know you’ll find the experience rewarding and the time well spent.

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