As Promised: Our 2011 Season – Adjusted

As we mentioned last week, we are making an adjustment to our 2011 Season at PlazaCo. The show we had originally planned to produce as our 2011 “Camp Show” was BIG RIVER. We have decided to make a change to that plan and with all the rights now in place we’re prepared to announce our new and improved 2011 Season of Shows. Here are the 10 amazing plays we’ll produce in 2011 with dates and Directors.

THE MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES ~ Directed by Stefanie Glenn ~ Playing December 31st (our New Year’s Eve show) thru January 29th

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN ~ Directed by Aaron and Milette Siler ~ Playing February 4th thru March 12th

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL ~ Directed by JaceSon and Tina Barrus ~ Playing March 18th thru April 16th

HARVEY ~ Directed by Jay Lewis ~ Playing April 22nd thru May 14th

HELLO, DOLLY! ~ Directed by Christine Atwell ~ Playing May 20th thru June 18th (this is the show we are replacing Big River with, it is not however, the “Camp Show”)

JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT ~ Directed by JaceSon and Tina Barrus ~ June 24th thru July 30th (this is the new “Camp Show”)

SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN ~ Directed by Kyle and Megan Adams ~ August 5th thru September 10th

THE 39 STEPS ~ Directed by Kevin Poole ~ September 16th thru October 8th

CRAZY FOR YOU ~ Directed by Aaron and Milette Siler ~ October 14th thru November 12th

ANNIE ~ Directed by Taffy Geisel ~ November 18th thru December 23rd

By making JOSEPH the “Camp Show” and moving ANNIE GET YOUR GUN into the 2nd slot of the year, HELLO, DOLLY! now becomes the season’s 5th show. We are thrilled with this lineup as well as with the amazing directing talent we’ll have here at Plaza next year. It’s gonna be amazing.

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