That dreaded “Casting” word


Good day y’all. Tina here. It’s my week to write the Producer’s Corner piece for the Plaza Theatre Company blog, so I thought it might be fun to address that most difficult process known as auditioning and casting.

Every time a new audition comes around (we do it nearly once a month since we produce 10 Mainstage shows a year) we, the Producer’s, get excited about the prospects of getting together another fun, talented group of folks. Of course we love it when performers who’ve delivered excellent performances for us in the past come to auditions, but we’re also thrilled when new talent that hasn’t been on our stage comes to audition as well.

Casting at Plaza, like most things we do here, is a co-equal process between the four Producers and the person who is Directing the show. Though we know we’re not perfect, we try very hard to follow this credo when casting:

It is important to us that those who audition at PlazaCo feel as though they’ve been treated fairly and with respect.

We also have a high standard for what we expect from those who audition at Plaza. Our hope is that those who audition will be prepared with the appropriate materials and that they will treat the audition with respect as well. Here is a small overview of what we look for at an audition:

As to the actual audition process itself, one thing that is very important to us is the timing. We don’t want people who auditioned to have to wait around for days wondering what our casting decisions are. When possible, it is our goal to let people know what we’ve decided almost immediately.

As actors ourselves, we are also aware of the difficulties related to casting. Not everyone is going to agree with our decisions. Sometimes people might not feel the process was fair or that we considered all the abilities of each performer. Our only answer to that is that we try our best to follow our established credo and, while we know we can’t make every auditioner happy, we have to take joy in making some of them happy.

We are so grateful to all those who have and continue to audition at Plaza Theatre Company. Your commitment and excellence are a huge part of the success we enjoy at Plaza and we look forward to seeing you at our next audition for “Over The River And Through The Woods’ on August 31st Directed by Kevin Poole.

Tina Barrus, Co-Producer

Plaza Theatre Company

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