Auditions for “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming” set for July 26th

It’s audition time again at Plaza Theatre Company. This time it’s for the third show in the Smoke on the Mountain trilogy – Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming. The audition is being held by appointment only on July26th at Plaza Theatre Company located at 111 S. Main in Cleburne, TX.

It’s October, 1945, and the gospel-singing Sanders Family is back together again where it all started, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, where the Reverend Oglethorpe is giving his last service. He’s been called to preach in Texas, and has already bought his ten gallon hat and is ready to ride off into the sunset with his wife, June. Join the Sanders family as they send Mervin and June off in style, with story and song. Lots of that old-timey bluegrass gospel music, and the poignant humorous characters that we have all grown to love.

The show will be directed by Aaron Siler with Musical direction by Cheri Mega.

Only a few roles are available: (all other roles have been pre-cast)

Denise Sanders: (female, early 20s) young mother of two rambuncious children.

Dennis Sanders: (male, early 20s) just got back from serving as a chaplin in World War II.

Vera Sanders: (female) The matriarch of the family. Keeps the show together and is always there to break up a fight.

Maude and Myrtle: (female) The unofficial managers of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Always watching with a judgemental eye, making sure everything is up to their liking. Must be able to act througout the show with very little lines.

Visit here for more information or to make an appointment to audition.

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