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As Promised: Our 2011 Season – Adjusted

As we mentioned last week, we are making an adjustment to our 2011 Season at PlazaCo. The show we had originally planned to produce as our 2011 “Camp Show” was BIG RIVER. We have decided to make a change to that plan and with all the rights now in place we’re prepared to announce our new and improved 2011 Season of Shows. Here are the 10 amazing plays we’ll produce in 2011 with dates and Directors.

THE MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES ~ Directed by Stefanie Glenn ~ Playing December 31st (our New Year’s Eve show) thru January 29th

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN ~ Directed by Aaron and Milette Siler ~ Playing February 4th thru March 12th

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL ~ Directed by JaceSon and Tina Barrus ~ Playing March 18th thru April 16th

HARVEY ~ Directed by Jay Lewis ~ Playing April 22nd thru May 14th

HELLO, DOLLY! ~ Directed by Christine Atwell ~ Playing May 20th thru June 18th (this is the show we are replacing Big River with, it is not however, the “Camp Show”)

JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT ~ Directed by JaceSon and Tina Barrus ~ June 24th thru July 30th (this is the new “Camp Show”)

SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN ~ Directed by Kyle and Megan Adams ~ August 5th thru September 10th

THE 39 STEPS ~ Directed by Kevin Poole ~ September 16th thru October 8th

CRAZY FOR YOU ~ Directed by Aaron and Milette Siler ~ October 14th thru November 12th

ANNIE ~ Directed by Taffy Geisel ~ November 18th thru December 23rd

By making JOSEPH the “Camp Show” and moving ANNIE GET YOUR GUN into the 2nd slot of the year, HELLO, DOLLY! now becomes the season’s 5th show. We are thrilled with this lineup as well as with the amazing directing talent we’ll have here at Plaza next year. It’s gonna be amazing.

Official Press Release for opening INTO THE WOODS

Plaza Theatre Company – PRESS RELEASE
Plaza Theatre Company set to open the fairytale musical Into the Woods!
July 26th, 2010
Plaza Theatre Company is proud to announce the opening of INTO THE WOODS on August 6th, 2010. The production will play Plaza’s newly renovated theatre at 111 S. Main Street in Cleburne, TX opening on Friday, August 6th and playing through Saturday September 4th, 2010. The show will be the 36th produced by Plaza Theatre Company and the 7th of 10 in Plaza’s 2010 Season of shows.
“We are so excited to bring INTO THE WOODS to Plaza Theatre Company because it is such a unique musical”, says Aaron Siler, one of Plaza’s co-Producer’s as well as Director of the production. “This is a great story that takes many of the Grimm fairytales, spins them on their head and intertwines them in a very interesting and unique way. The first act follows the traditional fairytales that we’re all familiar with, and the second act shows what happens after the happily ever after”.
INTO THE WOODS is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. It debuted on Broadway in 1987 and ran for 764 performance garnering many awards during it’s initial Broadway run including Best Actress in a Musical and Best Original Book and Score. The show has spawned numerous national tours and revivals and remains one of the American Theatre’s best loved musicals to produce.
The main characters come from the classic fairytales Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood, and are tied together by a more original story involving a baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family. While everyone is familiar with the traditional fairytale ending of happily ever after, this musical follows these stories even further to explore the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests.  
The production is under the Direction of G. Aaron Siler with Musical Direction by Rebecca Lowrey. Shauna Lewis is Stage Manager with Costume design by Tina Barrus, Set design by JaceSon & Parker Barrus, Lighting design by Cameron & JaceSon Barrus, Prop design by Milette Siler and Sound design by G. Aaron Siler.
The cast for INTO THE WOODS is: (double cast where noted)
Baker Ben Phillips
Baker’s Wife Meredith Browning, Milette Siler
The Witch Caroline Rivera, Tamara Steinberg
Cinderella Daron Cockerell
Little Red Tabitha Barrus, Taylor O’toole
Narrator / Mysterious Man Burl Proctor
Jack Seth Cunningham, Auston McIntosh
Cinderella’s Prince / Wolf JaceSon P. Barrus
Rapunzel Jill Baker
Rapunzel’s Prince Kyle Adams
Jack’s Mother Heather Morrill
Cinderella’s Stepmother Deborah Dennard
Cinderella’s Father Jay Lewis
Stepsister / Snow White Meagan Cavasar, Jaye Jennifer Smith
Stepsister / Sleeping Beauty Kayla Esmond, Courtney Howell
Steward Seth Cunningham, Auston McIntosh
Granny Megan Adams, Shauna Lewis
Cinderella’s Mother Kristin Spires
The voice of the Giant Stacy Blanton


INTO THE WOODS will play Plaza Theatre Company from August 6th thru September 4th, 2010 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm with Saturday afternoon matinees at 3pm. Ticket prices are $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors and Students and $9 for children. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 817-202-0600 or visiting the Plaza Box Office between the hours of 10am and 6pm Monday thru Saturday.

That dreaded “Casting” word


Good day y’all. Tina here. It’s my week to write the Producer’s Corner piece for the Plaza Theatre Company blog, so I thought it might be fun to address that most difficult process known as auditioning and casting.

Every time a new audition comes around (we do it nearly once a month since we produce 10 Mainstage shows a year) we, the Producer’s, get excited about the prospects of getting together another fun, talented group of folks. Of course we love it when performers who’ve delivered excellent performances for us in the past come to auditions, but we’re also thrilled when new talent that hasn’t been on our stage comes to audition as well.

Casting at Plaza, like most things we do here, is a co-equal process between the four Producers and the person who is Directing the show. Though we know we’re not perfect, we try very hard to follow this credo when casting:

It is important to us that those who audition at PlazaCo feel as though they’ve been treated fairly and with respect.

We also have a high standard for what we expect from those who audition at Plaza. Our hope is that those who audition will be prepared with the appropriate materials and that they will treat the audition with respect as well. Here is a small overview of what we look for at an audition:

As to the actual audition process itself, one thing that is very important to us is the timing. We don’t want people who auditioned to have to wait around for days wondering what our casting decisions are. When possible, it is our goal to let people know what we’ve decided almost immediately.

As actors ourselves, we are also aware of the difficulties related to casting. Not everyone is going to agree with our decisions. Sometimes people might not feel the process was fair or that we considered all the abilities of each performer. Our only answer to that is that we try our best to follow our established credo and, while we know we can’t make every auditioner happy, we have to take joy in making some of them happy.

We are so grateful to all those who have and continue to audition at Plaza Theatre Company. Your commitment and excellence are a huge part of the success we enjoy at Plaza and we look forward to seeing you at our next audition for “Over The River And Through The Woods’ on August 31st Directed by Kevin Poole.

Tina Barrus, Co-Producer

Plaza Theatre Company

Into The Woods Promo Video

Here’s a link to a short promotional video for Plaza Theatre Company’s upcoming production of INTO THE WOODS. The show will play from August 6th thru September 4th, 2010.

Auditions for “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming” set for July 26th

It’s audition time again at Plaza Theatre Company. This time it’s for the third show in the Smoke on the Mountain trilogy – Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming. The audition is being held by appointment only on July26th at Plaza Theatre Company located at 111 S. Main in Cleburne, TX.

It’s October, 1945, and the gospel-singing Sanders Family is back together again where it all started, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, where the Reverend Oglethorpe is giving his last service. He’s been called to preach in Texas, and has already bought his ten gallon hat and is ready to ride off into the sunset with his wife, June. Join the Sanders family as they send Mervin and June off in style, with story and song. Lots of that old-timey bluegrass gospel music, and the poignant humorous characters that we have all grown to love.

The show will be directed by Aaron Siler with Musical direction by Cheri Mega.

Only a few roles are available: (all other roles have been pre-cast)

Denise Sanders: (female, early 20s) young mother of two rambuncious children.

Dennis Sanders: (male, early 20s) just got back from serving as a chaplin in World War II.

Vera Sanders: (female) The matriarch of the family. Keeps the show together and is always there to break up a fight.

Maude and Myrtle: (female) The unofficial managers of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Always watching with a judgemental eye, making sure everything is up to their liking. Must be able to act througout the show with very little lines.

Visit here for more information or to make an appointment to audition.

Artistic Director? What are the considerations when selecting a Season of Shows?

This is a question that goes to the heart of our operation here at PlazaCo. Effective programming is essential for success at the community theatre level. We feel that the shows we program must meet four criteria. First, is the material consistent with our family friendly approach? Second, is it a show that will pique the interest of our audience and therefore is viable to sell? Third, does it inspire us as artists? And fourth, will the title entice the area talent pool into auditioning?

Since we produce 10 shows a year at Plaza Theatre Company, it is a very delicate and challenging process delivering a full season of productions. As Producers – myself, Tina, Aaron and Milette share co-equal responsibility for selecting the plays that we produce at PlazaCo. The season must consist of a mix of well-known (or pre-sold titles as we call them) as well as newer, more risky material. It also must have a certain number of comedies and musicals as well as be aware of holidays. The season must also include a “Camp Show” which is a summer musical that includes young performers from our Plaza Academy as well as a production appropriate for the holiday season.

Recently, we settled on our 2011 season and unveiled the show list at Plaza’s annual Thank You Party. It is the 5th season at Plaza and a year that will see Plaza reach 49 total Mainstage shows produced (our current show, All Shook Up, is Plaza’s 35th).

Even though the full 2011 season was unveiled, one change has been made and will be announced shortly when the rights to a show we are replacing are approved.

During our 4 year and 35 show run, we’ve made some mistakes in programming, but we’ve also enjoyed some fabulous successes. It is certainly not an exact science, but the pleasure of being a part of creating something that gives so many so much enjoyment can’t be underestimated.

See you at the theatre.


JaceSon P. Barrus
Plaza Theatre Company Artistic Director

All Shook Up sets records at PlazaCo

Since opening its doors in April of 2007, Plaza Theatre Company has experienced many wonderful successes during our first 35 productions. Many shows have been become instant hits at Plaza like Beauty and the Beast, Smoke on the Mountain, Steel Magnolias, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Singin’ in the Rain. All Shook Up has joined this list as one of Plaza’s most popular productions by selling out every performance!

Here are some photos from this exciting production:

Obviously we wish we had more seats at PlazaCo to accomodate all the demand (Plaza Producers estimate at least 2 more weekends of shows could have easily been filled) but we’re thrilled with the success of All Shook Up and the hard work of a wonderful cast and crew. In addition, All Shook Up has been Plaza Academy’s 3rd annual Camp Show. Over 40 students are part of the All Shook Up ensemble. Thanks to a wonderful show, amazing cast members and a terrific camp, the 35th show at Plaza Theatre Company will always be a memorable one for PlazaCo.